Nintendo DS - Pokemon Heart Gold Version Hints

How to beat Red (With one pokemon)

What you need:

Masterball x 1

revives x 10 or more

Full Restores x 10 or more

Step 1: Go in Cerulean Cave and catch Mewtwo with your Masterball.

Step 2: Train it a couple of levels

Step 3: Teach it these exact moves: Rock Slide, ThunderBolt, Strength and Psychic

Now make your way up to Red but don't fight wild Pokemon with Mewtwo unless you have enough ethers

once you reach Red, save and fight him. On his Pikachu use Psychic and that should take him out or in a few more hits.

For his Blastoise, use ThunderBolt same for his Lapras.

For his Venusaur use Psychic.

for his Charizard use Rock Slide

for his Snorlax, use basically anything

Remember! if Mewtwo faints use your revive and if your pokemon survives a hit use a full restore on him. THEN if your pokemon survives for a 3rd turn just attack you've got nothing else to do.

I beat Red with a level 73 Mewtwo and a little help from level 50s

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