Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Emerald Hints

Hidden Move Tutorers

In the game, there are People that will teach move to one of your Pokemon. They only teach the move ONCE!


I think you might already know where he is. He is one of those fat guys and he is in Maville.

Fury Cutter(Pretty Close To The Rollout Guy):

He is in Verdanturf. Go in the Pokecenter and some one in there will teach a Pokemon Fury Cutter.


You know the Pokemon Fan Club in Slateport? Well, in the fan club there is a boy that is willing to teach Swagger.

Dynamic Punch:

On the Mossdeep beach, there is a karate guy and he will teach the move Dynamic Punch. I taught this move to my Groudon.

Sleep Talk:

In one of the treehouses in Fortree, there is a grandpa that will teach a Pokemon the move(This move SUCKS!).

Double Edge:

In Sootopolis, in the Pokecenter, there will be a girl looking at the book shelf. She will teach the move.


In Pocificlog, there is a boy looking at the table in the Pokecenter that is willing to teach Explosion(!).


In the Verdanturf Pokemart, A girl in there will teach the move.


On the top of the Department Store, in Lilycove, there is a girl that will teach the Move.


In Lavaridge, in a house, there is a ninja kid or some one that will teach it.

P.S. I think this works on Ruby and Sapphire; I have not tried it yet!


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