Game Cube - SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! Cheats

Action Figures

Perform the following tasks to unlock the first set of Action Figures in your Action Figure Cabinet:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
1. Patrick StarGet a 20-Patty Combo on Flippin' Out in Bronze Story Mode
10. Mr. Eugene KrabsHit no more than 3 obstacles on Inflatable Pants in Silver Story Mode
11. Sandy CheeksGet a 5-In-A-Row Bonus on Goo-Ladiators in Silver Story Mode
12. Sheldon PlanktonBe in the lead by the end of the first Up-Tempo on Beats Me in Silver Story Mode
13. SpongeBob SquarePantsNever fall under 25% efficiency on Machine Meltdown in Silver Story Mode
14. Man RayGet two 5-Jelly Combo's on Jellyfish Jamboree in Silver Story Mode
15. BarnacleboyGet caught by the searchlights no more than 2 times on Breakin' Out in Silver Story Mode
16. The Dirty BubbleScrape off the Big Barnacle before the other team on Blisterin' Barnacles in Silver Story Mode
17. MermaidmanGet an Atomic Wedgie on Hook, Line & Cheddar in Silver Story Mode
18. Bubble BassCatch no more than 3 Chum Bucket patties on Flippin' Out in Gold Story Mode
19. Larry the LobsterNever hit a net on Inflatable Pants.
2. Mr Eugene KrabsHit no more than 10 Nets on Inflatable Pants in Bronze Story Mode
20. Mrs. PuffGet two "5-In-A-Row"'s on Goo-Ladiators in Gold Story Mode
21. SquilliamNever make a mistake on Beats Me in Gold Story Mode
22. Karen the ComputerMake over 160 Chum Bucket Meals on Machine Meltdown in Gold Story Mode
23. Kevin C. CucumberGet more than three 5-Jelly Combo's on Jellyfish Jamboree in Gold Story Mode
24. Don the WhaleGet caught by the searchlights no more than once on breakin' Out in Gold Story Mode
25. Cannonball JenkinsGet Blisterin' more than 3 times on Blisterin' Barnacles in Gold Story Mode
26. Gill HammersteinGet 3 Double Wedgies on Hook, Line & Cheddar in in Gold Story Mode
3. Sandy CheeksGet a Bumper Bonus on Goo-Ladiators in Bronze Story Mode
4. SpongeBob SquarePantsMake perfect repetition more than 5 times on Beats Me in Bronze Story Mode
5. Squidward TentaclesNever have a breakdown on Machine Meltdown in Bronze Story Mode.
6. SpongeBob SquarePantsGet a 5-Jelly Combo on Jellyfish Jamboree in Bronze Story Mode.
7. Patrick StarRelease 3 Prisoners at the same time on Breakin' Out in Bronze Story Mode.
8. Sandy CheeksGet "Blisterin'" at least once on Blisterin' Barnacles in Bronze Story Mode.
9. Patrick StarGet a Perfect Round on Flippin' Out in Silver Story Mode
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