Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats

Starter characters
* = These Pokémon may not be selected as the partner.Some characters are only available to players of a certain gender.
CharmanderMale: Hardy ; Female: Brave
SquirtleMale: Jolly ; Female: Relaxed
PikachuMale: Impish ; Female: Hardy
Meowth *Male: Quirky ; Female: N/A
Psyduck *Male: Relaxed ; Female: Lonely
Machop *Male: Brave ; Female: N/A
Cubone *Male: Lonely ; Female: Impish
Eevee *Male: N/A ; Female: Naive
ChikoritaMale: N/A ; Female: Docile
TotodileMale: Naive ; Female: Jolly
TorchicMale: Hasty ; Female: Sassy
CyndaquilMale: Timid ; Female: N/A
MudkipMale: Calm ; Female: Timid
Skitty *Male: N/A ; Female: Hasty
BulbasaurMale: Docile ; Female: Calm
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