Nintendo DS - Pokemon Platinum Cheats

where to find all the arceus plates!

Just kidding this WAY too easy for U so all you have to do is look at the words below, and don't hesitate to ask ANY questions

Draco PlateEterna city{dowsing machine}
Zap PlateSunny shore city{Dowsing}
Toxic PlateGreat marsh area 2{dowsing}
Stone PlateMount Corenet 4 F
Spooky PlateAmity square
Splash PlateRoute 219
Sky PlatePokemon league{dosing}
Mind PlateSolaceon ruins
Meadow PlateRoute 210{dowsing}
Iron PlateIron Island B2{dowsing}
Insect PlateEterna Forest close to the old chateu{dowsing}
Icicle PlateRoute 217{show they guy you have the HM08 Rock Climb}
Flame PlateSpark mountain{the interior, dowsing}
Fist PlateRoute 215
Earth PlateOreburgh Gate
Dread PlateOld cheatau{the big room}
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