Game Cube - Super Monkey Ball 2 Hints

Hidden level

This is a secret level that may have been used as a test level.
1. You will need to create another data for the game or insert a new memory card.
2. Go into the main game menu and then into story mode.
3. Select world 1-1. As soon as the level starts, pause and then hit exit game.
4. Go to practice mode and select world 1-1 again. As soon as the level starts, pause and exit again.
5. Go to challenge mode and select advanced. As soon as advanced 1 starts, pause and exit.
6. Go back to practice mode and go to where advanced 1 is. Make sure you are highlighting the level.
7. Press L. This will take you to beginners mode. You wont be highlighting anything but you will have a level name. It should be ~ ~.
8. Press A and you are on the secret level. It is really just a square platform with a goal in the corner but it is still cool to get to.

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