Playstation 2 - Kingdom Hearts 2 Hints

Getting Anti-Form When-ever you want activate

If you want Anti-Form to be activated.All you do is go to Land of Dragons and go to the Village.Then make sure you have a full Drive guage, enough for Master Form.Go to the Ridge then if there are three Heartless,(1 Neo shadow and 2 Flying Zombies).Turn to Master, but if there are nobodies instead of Heartless don't turn to Master.Ok, now,while in master let the heartless attack you until your drive runs out.Following, when in normal Sora you can turn to any form or save it for later, because that form has 86% it's Anti.We tested it 8 times and 7 out of those 8 is Anti.Anti is not activated when there are Nobodies around.You gotta make sure, at least, there are Heartless before turnin to Anti.Many people said its random but isn't.You can activate it when ever you want to activate it, just follow this tip.

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