Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Emerald Cheats

Fast Egg Hatching

Okay. This only works in Emerald Version. In Vendanturf Town, stand at the right side of the sign of the Battle Tent. Get out a Mach Bike and petal to the right until you hit a rock in Route 118. This is the longest path in the game without bumping or having to go around stuff. Have your volume on as loud as it can get and keep on going back and forth. Normaly this would take forever, but all you have to do is watch TV while doing this. The reason your game is supposed to be on max loudness is so you can hear whenever you bump into the sign or rock, just go the opposite derection. By the time your TV show gets to comercial, your egg should say "It moves occaionaly" or "It's making sounds, it's about to hatch!". Keep repeating this until your egg hatches. Thanks to this cheat I have no egg that is unhatched and I have tons of baby pokemon. This cheat is worth it!

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