Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Sapphire Version Cheats


Get the guy looking out the window at the Mossdeep Space Center (he looks like hes a nerd) to say 100

Deoxysget an aurora ticket (which you can only get in a nintendo event like pokemonrocks USA 2004) and then do mystery event and one guy on the top floor of the pokemon center will give you the ticket and take the S.S. Anne to Birth island solve a simple puzzle and deoxys will appear
MewGet an old sea chart (which i have no idea how to get) then take the SS anne to far away island and mew will be there
The other latiget an eon ticket and use the SS Anne and theyll take you to the Southern Island and the other lati will be there
Lugia Or Ho-OhGet the mystery ticket and use the SS Anne to go to the Naval Rock and lugia or ho-oh will be there
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