Avatar: The Last Airbender -- The Burning Earth Review

 [ PS2 ]

Avatar: The Last Airbender -- The Burning Earth Review :

a very long game!

by ziko Sep 22, 2010

This game has an awfully long story mode but it is fun and keeps you occupied there are some mini games that are fun and make the game even longer and there are challenges to challenge you skills and there are boss challenges mode to. So if you like a game that will keep you occupied for along time you should choose this game .It also gives you some good rewards and you get them fast as well. If you just go the game your in for nice graphics and sounds and story so look forward to that but beware it is a challege for even the skilled at this game and can get annoying along the way for example when you get stuck in the game our when you get stuck with the same music like the earth village song and the wind village song as well so this is basicly a challenging game at all points of gaming and here comes the others.

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10Story line
The story long is long and challenging such as boss number three being the one that controls plants nad other things but it is fun and thought through really well so a good job
The graphics are all around good execpt when you fall and it gets a bit foggy on the screen and tricks you to think there is somthing wrong with you tv.
The sound is nice such as the snad song but if you get stuck somwhere for a long time you start to get annoyed.
The gamplay is really good and has no complaits from me what so ever so good gameplay stuff everyone.
10Lasting Appeal
All and all one of the best game ever on will ps 2 and other sytems to come out.Although the graphics are a bit off on falling the rest is great.
(Out of 10)


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