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Call of Duty: Finest Hour Cheats :

This page contains Call of Duty: Finest Hour cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 1 password, 1 unlockable, 4 glitches, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Call of Duty: Finest Hour on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Easy ammo & life in BREAKDOWN

by ps2knowitall Nov 27, 2009

First go to the cheat menu and press R2,R1,L1,L2,left,down,right,up, square and all cheats should come up. Chose either the DEAD EYE cheat to give you more power, RICOCHET ALL cheat to shoot a lot of enemys in one shot as the bullet bounces off each guy nearby, or BIG HEAD cheat to give you a better head shot ability. At the beggining, you have to defend the tank repair dude, right! Well, right when you begin, go around the tank into an opening in the wall. Then go into this one building straight ahead. Then you will see Health and PPSH ammo. You will not need the ammo, but you will need the Health in your inventory. There will be 1 more Health thing in another room and alot of PPSH ammo. Then when the infantry dudes come zip out, press -> on the direction pad to accquire your DPM. Use that. It is much better. Then mount inside the tank and if you see a group of soldiers or a machine gunner or tank, press L1 and R1. If you see a single panzersheck (rocket dudes) use R2. Leave the gun dudes alone. Hope this was helpful!

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Cheats - All Levels

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Ok...Here we go when you start this level going out of the little sewer
and the guy says that mortars are incoming just run right past him and
into the warehouse

(you might get a bit of shell shock Not to Worry!)

Once you get in the warehouse pick up the ammo and health then go strait
to where the windows are go up the little stair and turn left and grab
the health..and ammo if you want... then crouch or lay down in the
window about 2 or 3 away that is not blocked by a minute the
timer will come on saying 10 minutes now just lay or crouch there till
the men start coming (

Men start from left side)

Now start shooting men and be careful...It takes a little bit to
reload....Now when the panzer guys come out focus all your fire on them
and some of the people surrounding them....Then the machine gunners will
come snipe them and then shoot some more people and it will say coming
from the right side now.. Now all you have to do is look to the right
out of the window don't even move more men will start
coming out and then the panzers....shoot them and then the maching
gunners (

but sometimes the come from the left...Watch the old blown up car...they
set up there)

Then what you do is watch for more panzers....alot of them come and the
thing keeps switching from right to left....only machine gunners come
from the left when its on the right side....when your done with the ten
minutes you must shoot 3 soldiers to help the tank crew....

Also watch out for panzers they shoot the doors down.

After you kill the 3 soldiers the men will run across from the big your left and down the stairs is the of them might
be wounded help him then get in the tank when they say.....There will be
some men of nazi in the warehouse probably so kill them then get in....

Mission Rating 8/10

Next mission,

You must make it to Hq  and survive in your pimp tank...but first you
must protect the one dude fixing the tank  DO NOT LET HIM DIE.... then
you can drive the tank around and kill men.... Mission Rating out of
10        7/10

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Glitch - Im dead

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2009

Go to the sewer level then when your done with all the tank crap go to the sewer then go down first then sokolov gos down he should close the sewer lid then pvt. kirenhki comes he will go throgh the lid to get down once hes down u will see evrethings white with broken stuff and buldings then u should autamaticly die. but u should of had a checkpoint when u got in the sewer.

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Glitch - Walk on Nothing!

by ps2knowitall Dec 14, 2009

First go to Not One Step Back. When you start, go to the commamder and go back tothe dock you went on at the beggining. You will die. Then it will restart. Follow the commander. When you stop to go up the hill, go ahead of him. Soon you will be walking on nothing. This MIGHT continue through the level(s). NOTE:This may not work with all copies.

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by ps2knowitall Dec 10, 2009

Well, first go to the flag must fall and start the mission.Go out the building that you started at. Go up the hill outside, then go into the trench on the left until you reach a hill. Go right, clear out the pillbox, then get out of the pillbox and go straight. Clear the next pillbox. Go back out of the trench and turn right. There will be another trench here. Do not go into it yet. Pass it, go right, and go downhill into another trench. There should be a path leading left as you enter the trench. Follow it and you will find the MG42, which is a machine gun that you can carry that is just like the stationary guns that were shooting you earlier. Then go reek havoc!

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Secret - What the Heck DAS A TEDDY BEAR!

by ps2knowitall Dec 10, 2009

Go to Surrender at Aachen and start it.Go through the door and kill the four Nazis (USE GRENADES). Go to the area straight from the door that you came through. There will be a MP-40 gun and a teddy bear here. Pick up the teddy bear and you get health and a message that says "The Bear is adorable".

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Glitch - An Awesome Glitch

by ps2knowitall Dec 09, 2009

Well, go to the first level in North Africa.Head up the mountain, make a right, get the health pack and the other one. Then go back to the beggining of the stone wall. Try to jump onto it and keep trying until you do. Go forward walking on the wall and then go onto the mountain. Go up it. DO NOT CLIMB ALL THE WAY UP IT CAUSE YOU WILL FALL OFF!Then go down the side of the mountain torwards the little sand bar. Notice it will not let you back up the mountain. Then go diaganolly up the mountain until you see a gate. Go left so yo can fall onto the little mound next to the gate. Follow the path to the city(communications array)Then go forward after killing the guy and turn right to see a building with a staircase. Be ready to murder all the dudes. You might need to use health packs. After you kill them all, go up the staircase and collect the 2 health packs. Go into the room. Notice all the machine guns are gone.Move on until you can go down the staircase. Go through the gate to the generater. Murder all the guys and notice the generater is gone.Also, notice you can go through some houses. Look around for a staircase. And then notice you are walking on nothing!

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by ps2knowitall Dec 09, 2009

Go to Underground Passage on Western Front. At the beggining of the mission, do not go through the big hole in the wall.After killing all the Germans, go back to where you started. Then keep going straight into a mine looking thing.Go back into where you started. Through four grenades into the little pit where you started. But remember to go back around the corner to avoid being blown up. After it is blown away, go straight all the way down and then turn right. Go straight into the right passage. Then you see a dance party! Go to the guy by the music table and pick up the Browning .20 gun. This is funny!

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Secret - My way to beat DEFEND THE FACTORY

by ps2knowitall Nov 27, 2009

Well, I posted this same answer on CHEATS GURU.COM. Well, here it is.Before the game you might wanna type this in at the Extras menu under the cheat munu. Press R2, R1, L1, L2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square and all the cheats will show up. Then activate DEAD EYE cheat and go back to single player and begin the mission.At the beggining of the game follow the Privates(Pvt.) while crouching until you get to the factory. Once you are in, go into the corner and you will find 3 packs of health. Go up the staircase, stop, make sure the Commisiner follows you,straight, and to the windows. By the wall will be another health pack and Mosin Nagant ammo. There is another health pack all the way on the other side of the hallway. Then crouch and move in between 2 windows. Then look around to see if there are any cracks that allow light. move to that (or them) and aim for the enemies while in scope vision. Aim at them and you can take them out without being shot a lot. Most of the time they will shoot the wall surronding you. If the enemys move, then move to a different crack where you are able to snipe them. You can also use the open window, but hoarde up the health packs until later.Always shoot rocket launchers first, machine guns,then soldiers (head shots work best). Then after you kill almost all of the guys move on and wait by the staircase and let your guys kill the rest. Then go down the staircase, straight past the opened door into a room and collect the items. Then go to the opened door and wipe out all 3 of the enemys. Then use health packs to heal the wounded dude. Then go to the tank and you can ride it. Once you are out,be ready to shoot an enemy tank around the corner. And then you beat it!!!

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Unlockable - General status

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2009

You must beat the whole game to ulock this status.

get all weaponsweaponsgalore
unlimited healthhealth tothe max
1 shot kill on tanksmushrumcloud
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Password - Unlock all levels

by tomtom78790 Sep 15, 2008

you need two controllers pluged in.on level select player 2 hold up and player 1 type in start,select,select,square

player 2 hold up and player 1 type in start,select,select,squareunlock all levels
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Cheats - All levels

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

On the first tank level in the Russian campaign, it is best to use first person view to shoot the Nazis that have Panzershrecks and MP-40s. The MP-40s cannot hurt you, but are annoying. If you use third person view, you will usually miss.

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Cheats - Cheat level select

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

First ,you need two controllers plugged in.
Press and hold up on controller two, then press START, SELECT, SELECT and SQUARE. All the levels for the Eastern front, North Africa and the Western Front should now be avaliable.

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Cheats - More amount of ammo

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Head to the second level of the Western Theater (the stage is entitled 'Underground Passage').

At the very end of the level, you will approach a hole in the brick wall (after killing the final two or three Nazis) that will be the obvious exit out of the tunnels. Don't go through the exit. Rather, walk backwards (retreat) past the last alcove, to the second from the last alcove on the left. Look carefully. You'll notice that this is a boarded-up side tunnel.

It takes about four (or more) grenades to explode the opening. Grenades are apparently the only thing that will destroy the 4 or 5 planks loosely covering the opening.

Once open, head down the tunnel. It's just a few feet and a couple of turns to the dance party. Incidently, there are 7 characters dancing around. 5 Germans, 1 Brit and 1 Russian (Tatiana).

Also, you can interact with the phonographs if you move behind the table. You'll see a radio(?) symbol appear (in the same way the symbol for moving your comrades appears). When you press 'x' you'll hear a record scratch sound (not terribly impressive).

There is also a M1919A6 machine gun that you can pick up in the room. Stay awhile, watch'm strut their stuff. The Russian woman takes the cake with some wacky break dance moves (there's even cardboard on the floor).

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Cheats - Exceed Normal Ammo Maxima

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Make sure you have two controllers plugged in. Go to the level select screen. Hold the UP button on the second controller, and then press START, SELECT, SELECT, SQUARE. All the levels should be unlocked.

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