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Crash Nitro Kart Review :

Good Game

by jimster Oct 07, 2010

This game is great it is one of the best crash games that I have played, I remember playing the original crash games which were a blast, but now I love that I can play with my nieces and nephews, Which makes the game a lot more enjoyable. Now I race my nieces and nephews and prove to them that I cannot be beat by them In addition I have attempted to gather all the hidden secret characters. I even tried to do the 50 consecutive boosts but the most I got is 13. This game can be a little difficult to beat, I only beat it because I knocked the boss off a cliff and was able to maintain my lead.

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8Story line
The story line is that Crash, Coco, and their Crunch are kidnapped by aliens along with Dr. Cortex, and his minons. Now in order to return home they must win 4 races, along with the head alien of them all.
The graphics have greatly improved from the original Crash games. The graphics now feature crash bandicoot in 3D, which is great for the game, the graphics are pretty good.
The sound of the game is pretty good, I personnaly think that the sound is better in the original crash games, but the sound on this game is pretty good.
The gameplay is to do the story mode, on either side, or you can play against a friend or just select a circuit or single race for you to play alone.
8Lasting Appeal
This is a great crash game along with a great racing game, I love this game and I am pretty sure that anyone who loves crash and the original MarioKart will love this game too.
(Out of 10)


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