Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 Review

 [ PS2 ]

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 Review :

Dance Till Ya Drop!

by sdan12 Dec 13, 2011

This is PS2 game that you play with a dance mat controller. There are four arrows (left, right, backwards, forward) and you play until you finish the song or until your dance gauge goes down and you can't finish the song. There are tons of characters for you to pick from. After you play with your character for a few songs, you unlock an outfit in the shop. The shop is where you can buy arrow hints, unlock new songs, outfits, and even customize your arrows! There are hundreds of songs here too. Like Christina Agulaira's Genie In A Bottle. Some songs are older. But some of these songs should be recognizeable.

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8Story line
There is no statyline, just a game where you have to dance to songs to unlock more and get to the end!
The graphics are pretty good. All the characters are detailed and indivual. And the background images are pretty good too.
The music is alot of early 2000's and ninties stuff. So some of it is good but some of it is just too unfamilar.
You have to use a dance mat and stomp your foot on the arrows. Sometimes the songs are a little too fast, so you can use a controller too. Which makes it really helpful with certain songs.
9Lasting Appeal
This game isn't very new, nothing like Just Dance. But this game is a classic. It's very energetic and probably works just as well as Just Dance! It's awesome.
(Out of 10)


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