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Dark Cloud Cheats :

This page contains Dark Cloud cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 5 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Dark Cloud on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Lots of exp

by murzik Jun 16, 2008

youll need
-more than 80 hp
-a strong weapon
-lots of healing stuff
go to wise owl forset and go to f5 or 6 and when you get sun dew go to backfloor 10 and there should be werewolfs,kill them and do it agin.

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Secret - The most annoying thing in this entire game: The Demon Shaft

by pokemonismylife Aug 27, 2010

*SIGH*It finally comes to this. I'm going to tell you about the Demon Shaft. The Demon SHaft is a dungeon that appear on your map when you complete the game i.e, beat the Dark Genie. It is a very very very difficult dungeon. As always, the monsters get harder the farther you go. How far do you have to go, you ask? Oh, only about 100 floors. Luckily, backfloor keys are everywhere. But I doubt you'd want to go, since the monsters are alomost impossible to defeat there without a stamina drink and a maxed out ultimate weapon. The perks are these: you can get most weapons here, and the chances are greater too. There are no stupid character walls or obstacles you need to pass. At the end, you fight the hardest freakin boss you will ever fight in a DC game. heH e has one attack that breaks your weapon, no matter how strong it is. But, if you do beat him, you get Toans strongest weapon. About as strong a Goro's uber weapon, the Inferno.
The Chronicle Two. Its maxed stats are 350 attack, and 300 MP. ITs worth it my friend. Well, good luck, and happy hunting.

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Unlockable - Unlock Demon Shaft

by Xana Nov 29, 2011

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Unlock Demon ShaftFinish the game, watch the ending and wait till it says if you want to save. Do so. Now on any game were you have alrady reached Dark Haven Castle you will be able to go to the Demon Shaft. The Demon Shaft is a dungeon level with 100 levels. A though bos
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Glitch - Keep Lamb's Sword in Wolf Mode

by BRANDONNxx Nov 29, 2011

When the Lamb's Sword gets low on Whp, it goes into Wolf Mode, which increases all of it's stats, even if they're maxed. As soon as you go into the menu and repair it, it goes back to normal. But to keep it in Wolf Mode, put an auto repair powder in your item slots, then let the sword break. You'll now have a full Whp on the Wolf Mode, but if you go into the weapon menu, it will change back.

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Glitch - Heal status problems without status items.

by dudemandude Nov 29, 2011

If you are poisoned, cursed, or gooed, you can use a Stamina Drink to get rid of it. The problem will remain until the Stamina wears off. When the Stamina sign dissappears, it will take the status condition with it. You can also use status causing items like a Gooey Peach or Poisoned Apple to replace a status problem you have a healing item for.

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Glitch - Broken Dagger Attachment Glitch

by babre Nov 29, 2011

To initiate the best possible execution of the glitch, you need to start early on in the game. During the initial building of Norune Village, make sure that Pike is placed into Paige's House prior to completing Old Gaffer's Buggy, so as to obtain the better selection of items at the shop. Upon doing this, next you need to go to Old Gaffer's Buggy and shop. Hover the cursor over the Ice attachment and simultaneously press the X button and Right on the D-Pad. It may take a few tries, but you'll be holding a Broken Dagger in the Attachments menu (or, occasionally, something else). This Broken Dagger can usually be used as an attachment on weapons to mess with stats. Most of its known varieties will max the weapon's stats when an odd number is placed on the weapon, as well as adding several abilities, although they are merely temporal. Regardless, you'll obtain a weapon that will Build Up after the next upgrade. Another use is placing many of them on a weapon and selling this weapon to the Old Gaffer (it only works there). Generally, you can obtain obscenely high amounts of Gilda back from this. Please note, however, that the glitch is best done using the above method and offers the highest known rate of success. Using it in alternate situations can cause you to receive beta/glitch items and maybe also cause game freezes. Done properly, however, you'll be guaranteed easy battles and easy Gilda!

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Glitch - Avoiding decrease Abs in Limited zones

by adds Nov 29, 2011

To avoid decreasing your weapon's Abs in limited zones that do such, is to kill the enemy then before the enemy vanishes, switch to any other ally. Note: This is only good for limited zones. When doing this on a normal zone, none of the allies will receive the Abs from killing the enemy.

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Secret - Real lots of exp wise owl forest b 10

by kooldude2 Jul 15, 2009

Get a sun dew lots of exp all that you have to do is get a good weapon and some health over 100 hp because the wearwolf will hit a 100 hit on you and thats no good anyways defeat att the wearwolfs and keep on repeting that step go back to the main flor then do it again you get a lot of xp.

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by etriusslayer154 Oct 11, 2007

ok here is how the money one works. you go into the divine beast cave and go to b1. then you just fight the monsters and see what they drop.for example dashers usally drop pricklies and they sell for 200 ea.!!!!!!other fish bait is kinda rare but you do get some though.this is related to the wep one!
okay here is the item one what you do is do not finish gafffiers buggy!
but finish hags house! whan you finish her house she wil use her closet to store items for you 60 to be exact!this is where the mayor comes in! he gives you these items.bread,tasty water,repair powder, and escape powder. and he will give you those items when you are out of them!NOTE:HE WILL ONLY GIVE YOU THE ITEMS THAT YOU DONT HAVE THAT HE HAS TO OFFER YOU!!!!!!!FOR EXAPMLE:SAY U HAVE EVERY THING HE HAS TO OFFER YOU EXCEPT TASTY WATER! HE WILL ONLY GIVE YOU THE TASTY WATER!!!!!!!!!
so what you do to get the items u finish hags house then keep on storing the items that you get from the mayor and just repeat the process u just keep on getting!
ok here is how this one works! go to the divine beast cave b1!then you just equip the wep.you want upgraded alot just clear out the whole dungeon then go out then go back in keep on reapeting the process until you want to quit!this is related to the item one you can do this and the item one at the same time!

i hope this helps!!!!!!!!! if have any questions post them at the question box at the summary place ill look from time to time just say for etrius slayer154 and ill answer in anather cheat thing your questions in more detail! have fun playing dark cloud!!!!!

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Cheats - For Angel Aura

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Get Across A Town Faster -
To get to a destination faster in walking mode enter Edit mode and move the pointer to where you want to go and exit Edit mode.
Gameshark Codes
Master Code (Must Be On) -
Infinite HP Toan:
Infinite Speed Toan:
Infinite Water Toan:
Max HP Toan:
Infinite Gilda (Money):
Max Dagger Level:
Infinite Dagger WHP:
Max Dagger WHP:
Max Dagger Stats:

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Cheats - Easy Weapon Buildup

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

When in a town ask some one how to rebuild their city. Talk to everyone in that town and fulfill their requests.Here is a list of what they give you. Norune Village:Wind mill slash. Matataki Village:Goro's Battle axe & a powerup powder. Queens: Toan's Macho Sword. Muska Racka:Ungaga's Mirage & a diamond.Thats it, none of the other cities can be arranged,all you get is events(no houses)
[send by:Josh]

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Cheats - Beat Ice Queen, get Moon Orb

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

First, you need the sun sword. Then, evolve it two stages to get Zeus's sword. Get the sword to full attack. Give yourself a stamina drink and put your sword on the highest element you have. Finally, give him a one-hit KO.

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Secret - The Mardan Eins

by pokemonismylife Aug 30, 2010

The Mardan Eins is what appears on the FP chart after you catch your first Mardan Garyan. They can be found in either Muscka Racka/Lacka at dusk, or at Matataki village at night, by the waterfall. It depends on your game. They only bite poison apples. Once you catch one, the sword will appear at the bottom for 2500 FP. Once you have it, you don't build it up the traditional way. You actually build it up by catching more Mardans'. To get it to the Mardan Twie, catch 10 more Mardans'. The Arise Mardan takes another 15 of them. It did for me. The final stats of the Arise Mardan re just a bit higher than the 7thHeaven. There is only one in the game, so don't break it.

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Secret - Weapons Build up for Dummies

by pokemonismylife Aug 26, 2010

Ok, so you know by now that you can build up your weapons. But the thing is, how do you do it? It's pretty simple to understand but hard to accomplish. All you need to do is make your weapons stats a certian number. Inluding attributes, Atk, Ed, etc., and monster busting stats. You increase these stats with either a broken dagger(see my cheat) gems, or regular attachments. If you are not sure exactly how much you need in each stat, or if you need more points in a certian stat, just go to the weapon, blick the ???? shown after you choose the build up option, and look at what you need. The insufficiant stats are in RED, so you know what to focus on. Hope this helps.

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Secret - The basic dungeon defeat guide

by pokemonismylife Aug 25, 2010

If you havn't noticed by now, dungeons take a very obvious pattern. You get to the town, meet someone still alive, go to the dungeon, fight your way through levels. Then you reach a point where you have to get your next ally, usually by completing a certian house or building in the town you are currently in. Then you fight your way to the boss chamber. But you need a key to get there you always get it from a town member. Always. Beat the boss with your new ally. And you are done. HOORAY.

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Easter Egg - The rewards for completing a town 300%

by pokemonismylife Aug 24, 2010

Each town you have to restore (besides Yellow Drops) to 300%, a.k.a, Getting all the atlamillia, using all the atlamillia, and following the requests of all the townsfolk. Each town you do this in you get a reward. Here are these rewards, in order.

Norune Village: The windmill slash for Toan, very useful.

Matataki Village: a Power-up Powder and a Battle axe for Goro. I strongly recommend completing this place 300% as quickly as possible. Goro really stinks unless you get him a good weapon. And the battle axe is Fabulous until you get to the Maxed weapons.

Queens: Macho sword, evolves into Aga's sword, right to the sword of Zues. I saved Aga's sword in storage, because it's TOAN'S DAD'S SWORD! And the sun sword is a faster way to get Zues's sword anyway.

Muscka Lacka/Racka: a Diamond attachment and the scorpian weapon for Ungaga. Again, I strongly recommend finishing this place, I'ts the hardest to complete ys, but definatly worth it.

Well, That's it. Look for my other contributions, Im making alot of these. catch ya later. And if you need any help at all with this game, dont hesitate to PM me, I know everything.

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Unlockable - Charecters, Their weapon styles, nd how to get them

by pokemonismylife Aug 24, 2010

This game has a team style gameplay, where you have to use everyone at some point. They also use specific weapons. Here are the charecters, Where and how to get them, and their weapon styles.

ToanDefault, uses swords, best close combat out of the the three melee fighters
XaioGained after you coplete Toan's house In Norune Village, and geting the changing potion. she uses slingshots
GoroMtataki village, Gotten after you efeat the White Serpent with the serpent sword. WORST CHARECTER. extremely awkward fighting.
RubyQueens, Complete Kings house. She uses bands a nd ings, creating magic blasts.
UngagaMuscka Lacka/Racka, Complete the Three Sisters house. he uses spers, has the best melee range, and The mid strongest weapons/
OsmondOne of my favs. He is gotten In the moon sea, You just run into him on the classic floor where you need Your next charecter.He uses guns. Both machine and ray guns
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Secret - Teleportation around towns

by pokemonismylife Aug 24, 2010

I hated walking arund huge towns like Queens or Matataki village, but luckily I found this trick. If you have acquired and assembled an Atlamillia in your life, i.e, the game, You know how to get to the screen. press select and you can move around with your joystick. Then if there is a green symbol, you can land there instantly. Very helpful when your pressed for time.

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Glitch - Broken dagger attachement

by pokemonismylife Aug 23, 2010

This is probably my favorite helping boost in the game. To get this cheat to work, you need to accomplish the following: find gaffers buggy atlamillia, complete paiges house. You want to complete paige's house first because then her dad will help gaffer put up his sign, so Gaffer has more wares. After yo ucomplete that little tidbit scene, go over to Gaffers Newly open buggy. There shuld be an ice attachment at the right end of the second to last row. This attachment is now your best friend. Go to your attacments portion in your bag and go all the way down to the end left of the second to last row, right next to the ice atttachment. This part is tough but worth it. click the left button on your DIRECTIONAL KEYPAD, and press X at the same time, the exact same time, while the cursor is hovering above the ice attachment. If done correctly, the hand cursor will transfer to your side holding what look like to be a broken dagger. It max's out al atribbutes to 99, same with monster fighting stats. The atk, spd, ed, mp, all go to the max for that particular weapon. level up the weapon to infuse the daggar with it, BAM! In a few minuetes you have the best weapons maxed out. To get more daggers, all you have to do is leave the buggy, press triangle, exit that menu, then talk to gaffer, get dagger, repeat.

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Cheats - How to beat the Ice Queen and get the moon orb

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

The owl needs either a berry, a pointy chestnut, or a shiny stone.

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