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Dark Cloud Review :

Dark Cloud Review

by pokemonismylife Aug 24, 2010

This game is probably the most fun and addicting game I have ever played in my life. This game combines several gaming elements, such as Zelda franchise's lock on battle types, and successfully fuse them all into a brilliant game. The game play is action-packed and challenging. I'm not sure if I can squeeze the story into 300 characters, so I'll do the first bit now. A power hungry military man brings back the Dark Genie, Or Black Demon, and together they annihilate the world. Luckily, the Fairy King was able to seal towns and people into sphere's called atla. And then we meet Toan...

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9Story line
Toan lives in Norune village, when his own village gets smashed by the Genie, gets called upon by the Fairy King and is told he alone Can save the world. To be able to touch atla, the Fairy King gives him the Atlamillia, a legendary gem with powers, formed once a mellinia. And our story starts.
For it's release date, late 2001, the graphics in this game are pretty fabulous. With the dungeon designs to the colors, this game will impress you even now, graphics wise. The best things of all are the weapons, thay look extremely cool, especially once you build them up.
The music is individualized to each specific area your in. I find some songs, Like Queens's dungeon, it seriously depresses me. But some sounds are amazing. Like when you walk on stone. An amazing sound. The sound overall is impressive.
To fighting monsters, to rebuilding villages, to customizing and leveling your own weapons, this game did a great job pulling it off. It's almost impossible to describe, except that it's very addicting, you will play this game if you buy it for a long time. Then replay it. It's a master peice
10Lasting Appeal
The best part of this game is the weapons. You customize them every which way. You can even break them if you aren't careful. Then there are the dungeons, items, and characters. Try this game out. It's definatly worth it. and play up to the third dungeon, if you aren't hooked by then, PM me.
(Out of 10)


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pokemonismylife    wrote on aug 24, 2010 12:57 pm

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