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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Cheats :

This page contains Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 1 cheats in our list, which includes 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - How to unlock dumb version of everyone

by Unregistered Jan 22, 2007

when you are on stage 5 battle supreme kai lose on purpose battle again then they will talk about majin buu goku will refuse and will say im too stupid to do it because i lost against you the first time we battled but he will force you to then you will get a skill it will say dumb version

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Secret - Hidden senzu bean

by sexi Jun 05, 2007

on map 9 dig twice in the spot where kid buu starts on and u have a senzu beam

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Cheats - Very easy Transformation

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Collect the dragonballs and earn the breakthroughs for Goku, Hercule/Sataan, Yamcha, Tien, and The Supreme Kai/Kaio Shin. After that, gather the dragonballs again and earn their fusion capsules.

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Cheats - All breakthroughs including fusions!

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

To unlock the buus you must first complete the game with all dragon
balls in possession at the end of the game and shenron will appear and
you can choose a capsule called babidi's spaceship. With it on the main
menu you can select it. Once in it you must choose a stage 1-4. 1 will
be continuous fighting. 2 will be how long you can stay alive for. 3
will be how many hits you can land before you die. 4 is the best because
you must deflect back and forth a ki blast as many times as you can.
Doing well in these will earn a new kind of currency called killis. The
more you get then the more things you will unlock. You will get Dabura
at around 1000. Fat buu at around 2000. Super buu at arond 2500 and kid
buu at around 3600 and you will unlock moves for them in between. In the
World tournament it is really easy with kid buu and this is an easy way
to earn money.

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Cheats - Cheat: Unlock Everything

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

While in Babidi's ship select the first stage that is to defeat all enemies that you can. Then in the character selection choose Dr. Gero (and make sure he has life drain). Then all you have to do is to continuing using life drain so your life will never run out.

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Cheats - Skill cheat

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Ok to get 100% capsules you have to go to edit skills. Then go to bulma's shop. Exit but before you do hold down R2 keep holding it go back in then keep holding it do this repeativly you will notice that your percentage is going up. Keep doing it untill you get around 90%. Then start going in the shop and leaving but when bulma says come again start tapping R1, R2, L1, L2 all at once a lot of times. your % will start going up even more faster if it doesnt go back to holding R2. Then when you get to about 98% to be sure 99% go back to the part where dr.Breifs is it will say saving then you got it. I waited untill 100% to exit because you will have them all and not have to go back and buy some skills. i love this because you can start a new game and automaticalyhave 100%. Plus you get freiza's spaceship it is like the best.You get to turn into mecha frieza.and have full health again. Only if you could use him in the dragon world. ok bye

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Cheats - Easy peasy capsulse

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

When you're playing as Gotenks you have to be Super Saiyan to use Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and Galactic Donuts. So here's the cheat: turn to Super Saiyan 3 and then remove the disc and put it immediately back in. You should then be able to use both of those moves and they should be powered up. You do this the same way with Mystic Gohan except you turn into Elder Kai Unlock Ability then you should be able to use Super Kamehameha instead of having to be in Super Saiyan. This will power it up in the same way.

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Cheats - All characters

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Cheats


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