Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Cheats

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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Cheats :

This cheat for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 [Playstation 2] has been posted at 13 Feb 2007 by blue_charzard and is called "Cheats - Z Item fusion list". The Cheat have a rating 10 by 12 our users and has been commented 5 times. Also 9 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up blue_charzard and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 10 other cheats for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, look them as soon as possible!

Cheats - Z Item fusion list

by blue_charzard Feb 13, 2007

Android 13: Computer + Hatred
Android 13 Fusion: Android 13 + Parts of 14 and 15
Any +5: Tortoise Shell + Any +1
Any +10: Ultimate God Water + Any +5
Any +15: Elder Releases Potential + Any +10
Any +19: Kai's Ritual + Any +1
Any +19 Elder: 100G Training + Any +15
Baby Vegeta: Baby + Vegeta (Second Form)
Bojack: Unsealed + Galactic Warrior
Bojack Post Transformation: Bojack + Ultimate Transformation
Broly: Son of Paragus + Hatred of Goku
Cooler: Frieza's Brother + Hatred of Goku
Cooler Final Form: Super Transformation + Cooler
Cui: Frieza's Soldier + Vegeta's Rival
Equipment Slot +4: Miracle + Equipment Slot +3
Everyone Hopes: Dende's Healing + Kibitokai's Secret Arts
Frieza Final Form Full Power (100%): Ultimate Transformation + Frieza Final Form
Garlic Jr.: Makyo Star + Dead Zone
General Tao: Bros. of Crane Hermit + Memorial Campaign
Giant Slug: Giant Form + Slug
Grandpa Gohan: Master Roshi's Pupil + Fox Mask
Great Ape Baby: Artificial Blutz Waves + Super Baby 2
Great Ape Bardock: Powerball + Bardock
Great Ape Nappa: Powerball + Nappa
Great Ape Raditz: Powerball + Raditz
Great Ape Turles: Power Ball + Turles
Great Ape Vegeta: Powerball + Vegeta
Halo: One Who Loves Justice + King Yemma's Stamp
Hirudegarn: Hirudegarn's Top Half + Hirudegarn's Lower Half
Jacked Garlic Jr.: Garlic Jr. + Giant Form
Janemba: Saike Demon + People's Bad Energy
Janemba Full Power: Janemba + Ultimate Transformation
Kibitoshin: Kibito + Supreme Kai
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly: Super Saiyan Broly + Breakthrough the Limit
Majin Buu (Pure Evil): Human Gunman's Gun + Majin Buu
Majin Seal: Wicked Heart Revealed + Babidi's Brainwashing
Master's Essence: Abandonment Essence + Hit Essence
Master's Presence: Fighting Charisma + Heavy Pressure
Master's Pressure: Powerful Style + Energy Breaker
Master's Protection: Perfect Guard + Quick Recover
Master's Secret Plan: Stealth Mode + Raging Hurricane Strike
Master's Skill: Miracle + Dragon Power
Master's Spirit: Advanced Senses + Inescapable Menace
Master's Trump Card: Active Heart + Mind Breaker
MAX Power Master Roshi: Seriousness + Master Roshi
Mecha Frieza: Remodeling Surgery + Full Power Frieza
Meta-Cooler: Big Gete Star + Cooler
Omega Shenron: Ultimate Dragonball + Syn Shenron
Perfect Cell: Self Destruction + Cell Perfect Form
Post-Transformation Zarbon: Unsealed + Zarbon
Salza: Coolers Soldier + Armored Cavalry
Slug: Namekian + Mutation
Succession Technique: Conversion Attack + Desperation
Super Android 13: Android 13 + Parts of 14
Super Android 17: HFIL Fighter 17 + Android 17
Super Baby 1: Lower Class Saiyan + Baby Vegeta
Super Baby 2: Power From Lower Class + Super Baby 1
Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed): Absorb Gohan + Super Buu
Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed): Absorb Gotenks + Super Buu
Super Garlic Jr.: Giant Form + Garlic Jr.
Super Perfect Cell: Self Destruction + Perfect Cell
Super Saiyan Broly: Broly + Super Saiyan
Super Slug: Giant Form + Slug
Syn Shenron: Evil Dragon + Negative Energy
Turles: Low Level Saiyan + Tree of Might
Zangya: Galactic Warrior + Flowers Of Evil
Zarbon Post Transformation: Unsealed + Zarbon
To get Oozaru Forms, collect Power Orb Fusion Z Items and combine them with the early Saiyan characters.

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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Cheats


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