Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Review

 [ PS2 ]

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Review :

Much better

by ziko Sep 20, 2010

This game is much better then number 2 and has a lot more charecters too. The sound is better but the graphics ***. It just lost the color it had last time!So that's the bad part but beside that i don't see anything bad about this game. So its okay but still the graphics could really need a repair .Any way it was popular so i guess the other critics did not seem to mind at all so i'll let it slide as i do not want to upset people who like this kind of graphics and get on with my life right after one more sentence of talking. So i hope all you guys will like this review and i hope some of you comment this.

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7Story line
The story line is only a little changed from the last one but at least its better then being worse. bb
The graphics are terrible!Seripously the graphics are supposed to be better!What happened here?I am not joking thay did not take the time to improve it here so they made it worse then the last one!God this is not right.I am so angry!
The sound is better thank god for that or this would be worse then the last one and would have made a fan war just kidding.But still thank god for the upgrade.
The gameplay is the best thing and really awesome besides grphics and i think i should give it a good rating
9Lasting Appeal
Alkl and all slightly a better game. Also i am not against any so stop giving me thumbs down okay and comment. Thanks
(Out of 10)


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