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Dynasty Warriors 4 Cheats :

This page contains Dynasty Warriors 4 cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 2 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Dynasty Warriors 4 on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Lu Bu's 10th weapon

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

A way I found it easy to level up weapons is to go to one of the levels where you defeat officers and you get 614 points in free mode. And make sure that you have eight strong bodyguards with you because you may need them. After a short period of time, your weapon should be maxed out.

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Cheats - All the cheats

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

A way I found it easy to level up weapons is to go to one of the levels where you defeat officers and you get 614 points in free mode. And make sure that you have eight strong bodyguards with you because you may need them. After a short period of time, your weapon should be maxed out.

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Cheats - Get All Generals

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

When dealing with magical obstacles; i.e.: boulders, floods, wind
storms kill the magician that made it to deactivate the obstacle.
When it's military; i.e.: catapults, fire juggernauts, free-standing
forts. Destroy it with you're character attack.

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Cheats - Get New Outfits

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

These should be done on the Hard difficulty setting and characters should already have their level 9 weapons:

Da Qiao
Play the Battle Of Xu Chang level on the Wu side. Defeat Deng Ai, Hu Zhi, and Dian Wei.
Dian Wei
Play the Battle Of Wan Castle level. Defeat Hu Che Er, then join with Cao Cao. After the Cao Cao conversation with Dian Wei event, deplete about half of Zhang Xiu's HP and he will retreat. After the castle gate closes, clear the map of enemies for Cao Cao to advance. After Cao Cao reaches the dead end, two fire blocking exit messages will appear. After the Xu Chu breaks through wall event, Dian Wei earns his Level 10 Weapon.
Dong Zhou
Play the Lu Bu's Revolt level. Kill everybody on the screen where Lu Bu is the only one alive. If done correctly, Dong Zhou will make a comment.
Guan Yu
Kill all the Wu generals at the Fan Castle level. Make sure that all your soldiers switch sides before you kill the Wu generals.
Huang Gai
On the Battle Of Chi Bi level, eliminate all enemy entry points before the fire attack, then defeat Cao Ren, Cao Hong and Cao Pi.
Lu Bu
Play the Lu Bu Rebellion level. Clear the entire stage of every enemy so that only Dong Zhuo remains alive. Be sure to kill every general and sub-general yourself. Lu Bu will earn his Level 10 weapon. Note: If the weapon does not appear after only Dong Zhuo is alive, move around the map awhile. There may still be ambush troops you did not encounter.
Lu Xun
On the Battle of Yi Ling level, protect and keep Zhu Ran alive until he successfully triggers the fire attack. Enter stone maze, and pass through it.
Ma Chao
In the Chen Du Suppression level go to the left side of the map to trigger the appearance of enemy back-up troops. Kill the enemy back-up troop generals Pang De and Ma Dai. Note: This can only be done in Musou mode, because the generals will be Ma Chao and Ma Dai in free mode.
Meng Huo
Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level as Meng Huo on the Nanman Forces. Kill every character that is playable. Note: Make sure you personally kill the character and have his level weapon. You will get his level 10 weapon, King Of Beast.
Pang Tong
Play the Battle Of Luo Castle on the Shu side. When Zhang Ren appears, decline his duel challenge. Destroy the bridge and kill Zhang Ren.
Sima Yi
Ho to Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains level and defeat Wei Yan, Jaing Wei, and Ma Chao. A message will appear, stating that Dark Feather has been unlocked.
Sun Jian
Play the Search For The... 

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Cheats - Bodyguards having Fire property Weapons

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Have a level nine weapon and want level ten here is how to get some.
To get these weapons
•Play on hard difficulty.
•Character must already have Level 9 weapon.
•Must play on characters kingdom.
•Works on free mode or muso mode (unless I say below it)
Guan Yu
Level = Battle of Fan Castle
How to get = After all ally generals defect (except for Guan Ping and Zhou Cang), defeat all three Wu back-up troop generals in any order.
Ma Chao
Level = Campaign for Cheng Du
How to get = Reach the left side of the map to trigger the enemy back-up troops appearance, defeat enemy back-up troop generals Pang De and Ma Dai.
Note = This weapon can only be earned in Musou Mode. If you play Free Mode, the back-up troop generals will be Ma Chao and Ma Dai.
Pang Tong
Level = Battle of Luo Castle
How to get = First run up to one of the gates of the top left castle, castle gates not opening message, defeat Liu Kuei or Zhang Yi, Pang Tong enrages Zhang Ren messages, Zhang Ren attack message, lead Zhang Ren across the Northern verticle bridge (Jing Yen Bridge), bomb preparation complete message, stand near the bridge, bridge destruction event, Zhang Ren starts to retreat message, defeat Zhang Ren.
Wei Yan
Level = Campaign for Jing
How to get = Defeat enemy ambush troop general Xing Dao Rong, defeat Liu Du and Liu Xian, do not defeat Jin Xuan (decline duel), defeat Han Xuan's sub-general Yang Ling, Huang Zhong exit castle and attack message, defeat Huang Zhong, Wei Yan and Huang Zhong defect event.
Note = This weapon can only be gotten on free mode.
P.S. More to come

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Code - How to get Red Hare Harness

by Unregistered Mar 12, 2012

I going to show you how to get the red hare harness

First you have to go to the Xia Pi your gonna be Lu Bu's forces.

Wait in the small island were the Red Hare is then Wait for Guan Yu to go to the island there should be a cut scene were he steals red hare. When he gets on red hare knock him off the kill Guan Yu.

(Guan Yu must not escape with red hare) When you kill him there will be a valuble item behind the box (or the pot) destroy the red box and pick up the item then kill Cao Cao and you will get the red Hare

To get Lu Bu's force you must complete Shu, Wu and WeiThe Red Hare harness is the fastest horse in the game if you want things to be fast equiped the Red Hare
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Unlockable - How to get Way of Mouso

by Unregistered Mar 12, 2012

First you need to have Guan yu's escape for cao cao's force if you do not have this look at the parragraph

First you need to reach the 6 gate (which is the last gate) when you reach it there is a a note that there will be a supply captin. try to reach the captin and kill him (make sure Guan Yu reaches the 2nd gate when you try to reach the supply captin) when you kill the supply captin pick up the item and then kill Guan Yu if You fail you don't get the item.

How to get Guan Yu escape for Cao Cao:

If you want to get Guan yu's escape , in chapter 1 skip the yellow turban meance and the yellow turban fortress. then on chapter 2 complete si shui gate and Hua Loa Gate . Then finish Chapter 3 and then you get Guan Yu's Escape (in the the Yuans Family Pride you can either kill Liu Bie And Zhang fie or you can let guan yu go to them.)

The Way of MousoGuan yu's escape
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Hints - Easy weapon upgrading

by gamefreak343 Jan 18, 2006

Go to the battle of mt. Ding jun on the shu side and defeat as much generals and sub-generals as you can. You can get about 2000 weapon exp. in easy mode, 3000 in normal
mode and 4000 in hard mode.

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