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Final Fantasy XII Review :

Good Game

by jimster Oct 04, 2010

This game is good game although it has the best graphics of any game that I have ever played, it is still a good game, however my game got a little scratched so it interfered with the sound, graphics, and overall the game. But I would recommend this game for all those who seek adventure. Near the end of the game there is realistic battle scenes that were fun to watch. This game has had some difficult bosses to beat along with difficult hunts. I have beat this game but have not killed all of the hunts. But this game offers alot for all those who seek adventure, and action. This game even offers a few references from older Final Fantasy games. But you will have to find them out yourselves.

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9Story line
Your character Vaan meets a princess and a few sky pirates and goes on a journey to help liberate their kingdom from an emperor who as been overthrow by his own son. Along the way the team discoversancient powers hidden within rocks, which if harnested can liberate their kingdom, or destroy it.
The graphics in this game are amazing the people actually look like people, compared to some of the other games I play, but this game even has a few scenes that look almost 100% realistic.
The sound of this game is pretty good especialy when deafeating bosses or watching the scenes in the game. The sound honestly is good as long as your game doesn't get scratched even just one scratch can ruin the soun on this gam,
This game has limited gameplay options available. You can either follow the story mode or go hunt for the specified monsters on your hunt list.
9Lasting Appeal
This game is full of action and adventure and I would highly recommend it for all those people who love action and adventure.
(Out of 10)


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