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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats :

This page contains Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 103 cheats in our list, which includes 43 cheats codes, 12 passwords, 5 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 13 glitches, 25 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Easy Wanted Level and Girlfriend Progress

by Nasylum Oct 25, 2010

to get easy progress with your girlfriend, do this:

get an AK47 and an RPG. (R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U)

Go to the police station

kill the gate guards

kill all cops that come at you, then retreat into the police station parking garage

use the RPG to blow up the vehicles that chase you down

use the AK47 to shoot all the others that get out of their cars/trucks

if done right, you will have a six star wanted level in about 5 minutes.

then go to a public place, with an overhang, and hide, shooting all things that move. (cars and helicopters with the RPG, people with the AK47)

stay hidden, and your progress with girlfriends will increase little by little over a few hours. (you must still have six stars wanted level for this to work)

note: you need to stay under an overhang or get shot and killed by the helicopters, and the bulletproof cheat (D, X, R, L, R, R1, R, D, U, TRIANGLE)

this really works! im doing it right now.

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Code - Weapons!!

by oliver998 Apr 23, 2010

You will have to put in the cheat code in, during the game.

You also can do the cheats whilst u are in a mission, so if you need some GUNS for that mission, just so them cheats what i gave you, kk.
I recommend the 2nd or the 3rd Tier, for using them in a mission because i think them tier's has got the best GUNS for missions.

R2, R2, L1, R2, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up .....It will get you the Weapons (Tier 1).
R1, R2, L1, R2, left, down, right, up, left, down, down, left .....It will get you the Weapons (Tier 2).
R1, R2, L1, R2, left, down, right, up, left, down, down, down .....It will get you the Wrapons (Tier 3).
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Code - Cars Fly

by Unregistered Dec 17, 2007

Enter it anywhere except the sky or while doing something

L1,R1,L1,Right,Left,L1,LeftThe Cars fly!
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Cheats - Infinite health

by ELDIABLO21 Dec 06, 2006

While playing the game, press L1, R1, Square, R1, Left, R2, R1, Left, Square, Down, L1(2). If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. You no longer need to reload, and will have unlimited ammunition for each new weapon that is picked up. Repeat this code to disable its effect.

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Cheats - Wanted level never increases

by ELDIABLO21 Dec 06, 2006

While playing the game, press Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Note: This will not remove any wanted level stars you may already have.

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Hints - How to find jackson sex club

by Unregistered Nov 08, 2005

Go to San Fierro and next to your garage is construction site. Go more down the road and use the sniper rifle to view in the name of the club do jetpack cheat and you can get in through the roof.

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Glitch - Bone County: Go underground in Area 69

by metamodman May 22, 2008

Do the underworld glitch (at the Vinewood safehouse head north from Madd Dogg's) and fly to Area 69. Find the underground complex. Find the area where you get the Black Project, and you should see an empty long hollow room next to it. It should have red boxes at the top of the "silo". Fly underneath the empty silo then fly to the top of the silo. You should see a "cage" where the room is of the red boxes. Try to take off your Jetpack. When you do, you should land in the Black Project area or the rooms around there. Note: To do the underworld glitch, find the safe house pool. Fly the Jetpack into the corner of the safe house. Then, fly to Area 69. Also, bring weapons and armor because the SAPD officers spawn down there.

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Password - Cool cheats 4 gta

by coolboy4life Apr 29, 2008

to activate these cheats,type them during the game

Right, R2, O, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2drive cars on Water
O,O,L1,square,L1,square,square,square,L1,triangle,O,trianglefaster clock
O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, O, Triangleget Rhino(tank)
R2,X,L1,L1L2,L2,L2,squareovercast(clear screan)
R2,L1,O,right,,L1,R1,right,up,O,R2racer car #2
up,left,X,triangle,R1,O,O,O,L2super punch
O,right,O,right,left,square,X,down6 stars
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Cheats - Panoramic

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2006

Spawn a Hotring Racer#2 and look at the front of it it should say panoramic(Panasonic)

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Code - Lots off cheats

by weeazza Dec 29, 2007

press anywhere

left,left,down,down,up,up,square,circle,triangle L1,Lquad
R1,R1,circle,R2,up,down repeaditlypolice gone (wont work if island skipping)
R1,R1,circle,R2,left,right repeaditly2 police stars (if your bored use this)
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Cheats - Infinite health

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

An easy way to take over territories is to find a high place like a roof top. First, kill a few gang members to start the war, then get onto a roof. When you are up there, they will still shoot at you, but will not have accurate aim and will miss frequently.
Note: It is recommended that the "Air Strip" missions be completed first. To easily take over territories, go to the airstrip and take the Jetpack. Go to any enemy territory and start a gang war by killing some enemy gang members. Fly and land on any building roof you can easily see incoming enemy gang members. Kill all gang members from up there. By doing this, you can easily hold all enemy territories. Be patient when killing gang members, and try to stay inside the war zone. The distance between the airstrip and enemy territories is long, but this

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Cheats - U.S.S NumNutz

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2006

When you have a boat take a roam around the sea and you should see a submarine named U.S.S NumNutz

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Secret - EASY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by babesthe1 Apr 15, 2008

Alright. So loads of people have been wondering, "How do I get money quickly?". One is to do the push button cheat. The only problem with that is, it means your progress even after completing the game will always stay at 99%. So i discovered a way for people to get money, without being a complete cheating *******.

In Los Santos there should be a lot of people walking round wearing black vests and pants with there hands in front of them usaly waiting round. If you look closely some people from your gang come up to them and ask them for stuff. If you walk up to them they would usualy turn around and there will be a box in the corner saying soemthing about replying possitvely/negatively. KILL THAT GUY!(BEWARE HE HAS A PISTOL AND IF YOU AIM AT HIM INFRONT OF HIM HE WILL SHOOT YOU!)After killing them you will see that the guy is stashed with a lot of cash. The cash amounts to aproimately $2K. That is because he is a Drug Dealer.
Also there are guys wearing white hoodies. They are also Drug Dealers.

(note: I do not know what the other drug dealers look like in the other places, but I suspect that there is no drug dealers in the other places.)

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Code - Action replay max codes to put in (thank you codejunkies)

by jacka5s11 Nov 23, 2009


60 Hertz Mode
Use the Screen position display on the menu to fix the screen
Infinite Health

All Tags Sprayed

Infinite Cash

Disable Car Damage

Disable Cop AI
This will not disable army AI
Freeze Mission Timer
Press, R1 and R2 to activate.
Restart Mission Timer
Press L1 and L2 to activate
Never Lose Weapons When Busted/Wasted

Have 999999 Dancing Points

Have 50 Horseshoes

Have 50 Oysters

Have 50 Snapshots Taken

Weapon Skill Codes

Hitman Skill With Pistol

Hitman Skill With Silenced Pistol

Hitman Skill With Desert Eagle

Hitman Skill With Shotgun

Hitman Skill With Sawn-off Shotgun

Hitman Skill With Combat Shotgun

Hitman Skill With Machine Pistol

Hitman Skill With SMG

Hitman Skill With AK47

Hitman Skill With M4

Jump Codes

Low Gravity

Very Low Gravity

Wanted Level Codes

Always Lvl Codes

Max Wanted Level

Never Wanted Level

Get 1 Star For 6 Stars

Get 2 Stars For 6 Stars

Get 3 Stars For 6 Stars

Get 4 Stars For 6 Stars

Get 5 Stars For 6 Stars
continue →

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Unlockable - Unlockable Cars

by Dragonslayer22 Jul 09, 2009

Get awards at school(s)

HotKnifeGet all gold awards in driving school
Super GTGet all bronze awards in driving school
FCR-900Get all silver awards in driving school
NRG-500Get all awards at bike school
Monster CarWin it by beating 8-Track
HunterGet all gold awards in pilot school to spawn one at Verdant Meadows Airstrip
HovercraftBeat the game
SWAT TankSteal it during the End Of The Line mission
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Glitch - Flinstons

by dager4 Dec 01, 2008

if u know what flinstons is yea there cars with there legs sticking out well to do this find a BF injection and flip it on the ground you sould see your legs. Editers note: this may not work all the time.

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Secret - Need help with San Andreas??

by DriftMaster Mar 10, 2008

If you need help or have any questions, I can help you live. My name is Nick and I play GTA games constantly. Yes, I'm a Grand Theft Autoholic. If GTAA (Grand Theft Autoholics Anonymous) existed, I'd be the head member...

Anyways...add me to MSN or Yahoo Messenger and I'll be there with live help at any time.

Also if you don't have an IM service, you can email me at
I check my emails over 50 times a day... I get on-screen pop-ups whenever I get mail.
(Sorta like AOL's "You've got mail!")

Talk to you later...

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Unlockable - 2 Player Icons

by 5-Year-Old Dec 08, 2009

#1. When you go across the railroads go to Idlewood. There is a building that looks like the alamo go to the center and you will find a red icon of 2 people side by side. #2. In flint county there is a town called Blueberry. Drive around until you find a building with a garage and there will be a 2 player icon rotating there. 4 of the 2 player icons are located at the front door of your girlfriends houses. There is one in Las Venturas and one in San Fierro.

2 PlayerWalk up to the listed 2 player icons when found
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Cheats - No cops

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2006


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Code - Cheats

by fard-112 Oct 03, 2011
hoch ,runter,quatrad,kreis,run terunendlich Leben
hoch,hoch,runter,runter, links,links,recht,rechtalle häuser
x,x,o,o,hoch,runter,x,xganster werden
hoch,hoch,o,o,overräter werden
o,o,o,o,hochgrünes verkehr
hoch,runter,links,rechts, o,o,x,x,quadrat,dreieckfrau werden
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Secret - Mission:Stowaway

by yvesx Jul 31, 2008

when ur doing the mission stow away it's better to do it in morning and there's more....wait for the explosive barrel toget finish then u can get the parachute.

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Glitch - Bone County: Walk through ground

by metamodman May 22, 2008

Go to your airport in the Verdant Meadows area. Find the southern hangar with the Shamal in it. Let the door open, then stand in between the two doors that close. They will begin to close on you. If done correctly, you should appear under the ground, with half of your body aboveground and half below ground. To get out, tap Square.

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Password - Superman

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2008

This cheat code gives CJ super-powers and ability to fly.

X.O,L1.R2,SQUARE,DOWN,UP,LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHTThis cheat code does effect explosions fallings,and it effects being ranoverd
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Code - More Gore

by 5-Year-Old Dec 08, 2009

Enter the correct sequence of buttons to enable the More Gore cheat. By enabling this cheat correctly, you will get what it says: More Gore.

Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, XMore Gore
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Password - San Andreas Cheats (Lots of it)

by SpookybutGroovy May 21, 2010

Here are LOTS AND LOTS of San Andreas Cheats,Print it out to be used when you are playing GTA:SA

YLTEICZAggressive Drivers
LLQPFBNPink traffic
IOWDLACBlack traffic
ASBHGRBElvis is Everywhere
BGLUAWMLPeds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher
AEZAKMINever Wanted
CIKGCGXBeach Party
MROEMZHGang Members Everywhere
BEKKNQVSlut Magnet
BGKGTJHTraffic is Cheap Cars
GUSNHDETraffic is Fast Cars
JHJOECWHuge Bunny Hop
JUMPJETSpawn Hydra
KGGGDKPSpawn Vortex Hovercraft
JCNRUADSmash n' Boom
COXEFGUAll Cars Have Nitro
BSXSGGCCars Float Away When Hit
XJVSNAJAlways Midnight
OFVIACOrange Sky 21:00
BAGUVIXLarge Health Boost
CVWKXAMInfinite Oxygen
AIYPWZQPHave Parachute
YECGAAHave Jetpack
LJSPQKSix Star Wanted Level
CFVFGMJFoggy Weather
YSOHNULFaster Clock
PPGWJHTFaster Gameplay
LIYOAAYSlower Gameplay
AJLOJYQYPeds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club
BAGOWPGHave a bounty on your head
FOOOXFTEveryone is armed
CQZIJMBSpawn Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMHSpawn Rancher
PDNEJOHSpawn Racecar
AQTBCODXSpawn Romero
KRIJEBRSpawn Stretch
UBHYZHQSpawn Trashmaster
RZHSUEWSpawn Caddy
CPKTNWTBlow Up All Cars
XICWMDInvisible car
PGGOMOYPerfect Handling
LXGIWYLWeapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
KJKSZPJWeapon Set 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMWWeapon Set 3, Nutter Tools
HESOYAMHealth, Armor, $250k
OSRBLHHIncrease Wanted Level Two Stars
ASNAEBClear Wanted Level
AFZLLQLLSunny Weather
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