Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Requests

 [ PS2 ]

feb 18, 2009Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [ PS2 ]   Submitted

I need help on robbing uncle sam ryder keeps dying.


Secret - Robbing Uncle Sam:

To beat the Gradn Theft Auto: San Andreas mission "Robbing Uncle Sam", you need to a pistol and a Micro-SMG. To prevent Ryder from dying, get in the truck and park it in front of him so soldiers won't be able to shoot him. If you see Ryder getting shot some how, this is where the weapons come into to play. Help Ryder take down the soldiers. While driving the forklift, be as fast and as smart as you can. Go fast, but don't go mega fast. If you go at an average pace with the forklift, the boxes will be in the forks, into the back of the truck. Once all the boxes are stored in the truck, be careful when you're in the back of the truck. Don't waste all the boxes on the soldier vehicles. Use the pistol or the Micro-SMG and blast the heck out of the soldiers. Then when it seems that no more soldiers vehicles are on your trail, there is a good chance you have cops that are onto you.