Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Requests

 [ PS2 ]

aug 12, 2007Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [ PS2 ]   Submitted

Can I know the cheat code of money


Glitch - The money one you get 250,000:

R1,R2,L1,X,Left,Down,Right,UP,Left,Down,Right,UP this is a awesome cheat it get you alot of money i tried it i know and if you are in a car and do the cheat code you will fix your car and it will give you health if you are hurt if you want a house use it with this money , i love this cheat i have the whole game beat and then on the other profile i beat it and the next i tried a bunch of button and i found alot of cheat codes so you want a good or should i say awesome cheat code this on eis for you just to let you know this is the cheat code 4 you you should use this one every time you car gets her even if you get hurt this cheat will help you alot !! i swear well this is not my favorite game because already beat it but i still play it i sometimes play call of duty it is fun too because you get all this guns and i hate ther begging because you have too listen too what you say and shot targets. It really stinkss trust me but as you do the test you dont shot the kids because you willk have to do the testt all over again so just keep you eye on the bad guy!! if you dont get how to use your weapon when ever you go up the stairs you have to press down R3 and you will take out your knife...... I think you will really like this game so you should get it even if you are a girl if you are signle and looking for love private txt me i am a boy