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by DarkCharizard Nov 19, 2010

You start this game off, as Colton White, and you are with your "dad" hunting, and so your dad teaches you how to use your weapons, and all the other things you need to learn, then when you are finished with the training, a bear comes out of nowhere, and attacks, you and your dad, so you take your rifle, and kill it, so then you see the Ship, and when you are on board, you get ramsacked, and when you kill all of them your dad syays "i am not your real dad" and guess what you are at the mid point of the game! you see how fast that was, this game was really short you bearly got any weapons, and when you get a new weapon, it either involves, any of the other weapons you have. This game was really really short there was like only 20 missions in all, but there were also side missions, but those ones were really boring, all you did was catch animals, and catch cattle, so the game was really boring when you won it, or when you get finished with the side missions. You also get money for each mission you win, and the more money you get the more upgrades you get for your weapons, so that kept you busy for i dont know a couple of minutes.

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4Story line
Man the story line so short, you could finish this game in about two hours, maybe even 1, the worste thing about it is that when you get to a new part of the story all it showed was a bunch of people talking that was it
The way Colton, looked, it looked like he was made by a bunch of monkeys! the weapons were really bad they looked like they were just sticks, The thing that got me really mad is that all the people you kill LOOK THE SAME! it was really boring seeing the same guy
The gun shots, and the people yelling was okay, but when you shoot a new person they all have the same voices, exept for the asians, mexicans, and the Women, but the reaload sound, was okay, but the song that plays when you are in the field gets really annoying!
When you play this game at first it is really fun but when you get farther in the game you start to get bored, because the missions are reallly short, and when there is a drama point there really is'nt alot of drama just a person getting killed that is all
5Lasting Appeal
I just wished that the missions were long, and the weaons you used looked more realistic, and i also wish that when you start a town war they all looked diffrent instead of looking the same, and the thing i really wished was in this game, Two players so i can play with other people.
(Out of 10)


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