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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Cheats :

This cheat for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Playstation 2] has been posted at 15 Sep 2008 by shadow95 and is called "Hogwarts Exterior". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up shadow95 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 0 other cheats for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Hogwarts Exterior

by shadow95 Sep 15, 2008

Finally our first level, there are some things you are going to need to know
before you continue on in the game. There are more than just the shields to
collect in this game. You also need to find gargoyles, dragon statues,
vanishing cards, and mini-shields to complete this game to its fullest. The
gargoyls and dragon statues, and vanshing card can be found in the sidequest
section if you're a perfectionist like me. Also I think the vanishing card can
only be obtained after you have collected all of the triwizard shields in a

1.) Obtained by collecting all 10 mini-shields

* Mini shield locations *

a.) Right by the staircase in front of you when you start the level.
b.) If you go by the stairs and all the way left you'll come to four rock in
your path, throw them out of the way so you can continue on. You'll come
to a place where you can go left or right, go left and continue on. Move
the block to the ledge so you can move up then go around either side
blowing out the fire on the way around. When you get there go to the little
path that looks like its leading to the water and use Accio spell to get
c.) Turn around and open the gate, extinguish the fire to get your third one.
d.) Move the box from where it is to the opposite side so you can climb up the
tower. After pull the bridge down so you can go from the tower on the left
to the one on the right and collect the shield.
e.) Go down the stairs to your left, go down farther and break the wall to your
left and then break the fountain thats in that back corner to collect the
next shield.
f.) Go down the stairs, down again, break the walls to your left, the break the
walls heading down the left side until you come to the one with the fire
salemander. Break it and kill the salemander then collect the next shield.
g.) Go down the stairs, down again, and break all the walls going on the right
side. After that extinguish the first burner then continue and extinguish
all of them on the way. You'll come to an area with first and salemanders,
just kill everything and extinguish everything. Take the cauldron and break
the support to the building in the back right corner to get the shield.
h.) Go down the stairs, down, break all the walls going right. Now you'll be
able to see a fire burner to your left, a cauldron in front of you and
many statues. Break all the statues and you'll find it in one of them.
i.) Go down all the way and move the rocks, continue down and choose the right
path. Go down and pull the drawbridge down. Kill the erkling then pull the
next bridge down and collect the shield thats there.
j.) Keep going from there and pull down the draw bridge then keep going up the
stairs till you come to an are with a dark detector right in the middle and
kill the erklings. Go down the path to your left side and collect the last

After collecting all the mini shields the triwizard shield will appear either in
the beginning of the level or close to the last mini shield you just collected,
thanks to RPGSanchez for this information.

2.) In the begining go down the stairs to your left and stack the blocks near
the wall and climb up. Go around the wall and collect the Shield thats

3.) Go all the way down to the left past the rocks to where you can go left or
right and go right. Follow the path and pull down the bridge. Fight
everything in your way and continue pulling down bridges and going until you
come to the stairs that lead you to the top of the tower. Extinguish all the
fires and kill everything. After its all gone the shield will appear in the

4.) Where the last one was it should be there right when you go in, you could
get these two in either order this one is there all the time underneath one
of the fires you just have to put it out and collect it.

5.) Go down the stairs to your left and go down the other stairs farther down.
Break the wall to your left climb up the wall and lift the box down to the
lower level, go down and break all the walls to either side and move the box
through the walls to the other end and place it next to the wall. Climb up
it and collect your fourth shield of the level.

6.) Head down all the way and move the rocks, then head left and move the block
so you can climb. Go to the other side and open the gate. Move the
block on the right to the left side and climb up. Move the bridge down and
cross put the block thats there down where the first one was. Climb on top
of it and go up to collect the next shield.

7.) Go down and break the walls all the way down the right side. Go left and go
past all the fires to the area with all the fire salemanders. Kill of them
to open a gate in the middle top of the screen. Move a cauldron into it to
hit the support on the building. It will fall and you can collect your next

8.) Head down past the rocks and go down the left path move the block and go
down either side, go to the area that looks like its going into the water
to the fountain and use the herbivicus spell to get the shield.
*NOTE* You can't get this shield until you do the Herbology level.

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