Jak X: Combat Racing Review

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Jak X: Combat Racing Review :

My Latest Opinion on this awsome game!

by BubblesXD Jun 13, 2011

"It takes skill and determination to handle the powerful vehicles that traverse these challenging courses. A driver needs to master every aspect of these machines if they are to succeed and come out unscathed. If not, they'll be choking on dust of their competitors as they ride off to victory [...]. Buckle up and strap yourself in - it's time to explore the intricacies of Combat Racing!"

In my opinion I think Jak X: Combat Racing is a very interesting game, that they should consider on making a movie out of it! The way the races make you want to win! The way the cars attract you like a magnet. The way the characters make you feel like you want to talk to them or help them in anyway you can. In total there are 4 Eco Cups: Blue Eco Cup, Red Eco Cup, Yellow Eco Cup and Green Eco Cup. It makes this game more challenging the way you have more to race. My favorite track is the Deathdrome, and my favorite racing mission on the Deathdrome is the Capture. It's the easiest mission there is! I recomend this game to ANYONE who loves to race and destory at the same time, the same place, the same way!

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10Story line
The Story Line is AWSOME! I love the way the characters look so real-like! Too bad that the're short (except for the 1st one, it's always the longets)!
Graphics are amazing. The way the surroundings look and feel real it's like your apart of the action and thrills. I love the details in the backrounds, too like the Bloody Hook for example.
The sound is realistic like you can talk to the characters through the your own t.v. But I don't think in my opinion that this is so important to review.
The Gameplay is exciting. The cars are so hot and the way you can create them is fantastic. The races are huge! I like the way there are 4 Eco Cups. It makes the game more interesting.
10Lasting Appeal
I say that I could play this game over and over again! I love the adventure mode. The Secrets Shop is pretty sweet. Anyone who has this game can unlock things such as bloopers!! Ha ha ha!!
(Out of 10)


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QueenAnCriticOfGames    wrote on jul 03, 2011 1:06 pm
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BubblesXD    wrote on dec 22, 2012 1:19 pm

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