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Kingdom Hearts Review :

Disney...Final fantasy...COLLIDE!

by pokemonismylife Aug 25, 2010

Compared to other Disney games, this is hands down the best. How can it not be? This game does not disappoint in any aspect of play. The game takes characters from Disney, and from Final Fantasy, and combines them, also making new characters. Like Sora, our protagonist. Or Riku, our confused best friend who deals with the everlasting torment in his heart. The game, after an awesome and catchy opening that just screams this game is genius, you start in a mystical platform, advancing slowly. Then you wake up on your home, aptly named Destiny Island. The game basically is composed of fighting creatures called, Heartless. They have no heart, go figure. You fight them with the Keyblade:, a legendary that chooses it's master. Traveling from Disney world to Disney world, with Donald and Goofy. like Atlantis. and looking for Sora's friends and King Mickey, who has disappeared. Here are some pictures. Sora below, Holding the Keyblade. Riku, Next to him. Sorry for the quality. My first time doing pics on reviews.


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10Story line
I have explained the whole story above. But not all, because I'll definatly give something away. Play the game or watch it on Youtube. They do a great job of creating a hybrid of the two game styles, and then make up new characters and villans on the spot. Creating a feel of originality.
These graphics are spectacular. Especially in the big cutscenes. They do a better than great job in this game. They are perfectly 3-D, with good sets and clear, sharp movements.
The sounds, while somewhat repetitave in the begining, take on a life of their own in the later game. the sound affects and grunts of fighters are so real. Again, perfect and clear clarity.Good music, and create the perfect mood.
Probably the hardest thing to describe. You can play minigames, choose your own Keyblade and accessories from what you get, and fight Heartless non-stop. The boss fights are well spread out. Keeping the hardest for last, but still keeping a great challenge(frustratio n) level for gamers.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is definatly Disneys' miracle stroke. The story is so good you won't want to stop until you beat it. Then your jaw will drop once you do. This game is so perfect, it deserves this rating. I applaud the creators of this game.
(Out of 10)


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StarlightRush1    wrote on aug 25, 2010 8:19 am
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pokemonismylife    wrote on aug 25, 2010 10:03 am

redder876    wrote on aug 28, 2010 8:36 am


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