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Kingdom Hearts Review :

Square + Disney = A game that shocked us all!!

by StarlightRush1 Aug 26, 2010

The Game that shocked most of the world. Square Soft and Disney working together? Most of us thought that this would be a rubbish game from the words of Disney. But it has proved to be a world wide phenomenon!! The game that kicked it all off: Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 was the start of something Brilliant. As the Proud owner of all games in the series - this is my review on the game Kingdom Hearts

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10Story line
Sora - a boy aged 14 - was living with his family and friends on Destiny Islands, until one night, darkness swept over his Island consuming it along with the many other Worlds it had taken. Sora un-willingly becomes the new Keyblade master and it is now his job - to defeat the terrible Darkness.
The graphics were good - In the gameplay graphics were good for the fighting aspect. Good motions - all seemed to flow well. However in the cinematic cutscenes the faces of the human characters looked slightly bad - seeing their faces in one scene looking nice - but in the scene after looking bad.
With some characters it was easy to understand - but with Disney characters and characters with low vices it was good to have subtitles to be able to understand what they are saying. With characters like Sora - his speech was nice and easy to understand, but with characters like Donald..not the same
Gameplay was amazing - this game was not a time battle based game - this was how RPG's should be. This was in game free roam and battles. The free roam part was excellent - getting to explore the different worlds and getting to interact with different characters - The gameplay in this is just great!
10Lasting Appeal
The game certainly lives on forever - even after beating the game, there are still 3 secret bosses to do - which means the game isn't over yet. And thats what I love about this game - you can just go back to worlds and look for stuff - and thats what i like about this game - the fact is just amazing
(Out of 10)


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