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Kingdom Hearts 2 Cheats :

This page contains Kingdom Hearts 2 cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 91 cheats in our list, which includes 13 cheats codes, 1 password, 13 unlockables, 8 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 52 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Unlimited Drive

by Unregistered Oct 26, 2006

Transform in to Valor, Wisdem, Master,and or Final form.
Go to a save point. Now exit the world while in your form. Go back in to the world or to a diffrent world and your drive will be full.You can do this at any save point that you can exit the world from.

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Cheats - No title

by paolo Sep 04, 2006

yo dudes!if u want to know where is the keyblades here it is!

Unlockable: Circle of Life
You must go talk to Simba after arriving at The Pride Lands

Unlockable: Fenrir
You must beat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.

Unlockable: Follow the Wind
You must beat Barbossa at Port Royal.

Unlockable: Guardian Soul
You have to beat Hades in the 'Underworld' section of Olympus Coliseum.

Unlockable: Gullwing
Speak to Yuna after beating Hades in the 'Underworld' section.

Unlockable: Hero's Crest
Beat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.

Unlockable: Hidden Dragon
Beat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.

Unlockable: Holy Pumpkin
You have to beat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.

Unlockable: Monochrome
Defeat Pete at Timeless River.

Unlockable: Oathkeeper
You must finish Sora's first visit to Twilight Town.

Unlockable: Oblivion
You must beat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.

Unlockable: Photon Debugger
You must finish the Space Paranoids.

Unlockable: Rumbling Rose
You must talk to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.

Unlockable: Sleeping Lion
You must to Ansem's study in Hollow Bastion.

Unlockable: Star Seeker
You must get Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.

Unlockable: Sweet Memory
You must finish the 'Spooky Cave' Mini-Game in the Hundred-Acre Wood.

Unlockable: Ultima Weapon
You must get the Ultima Recipe in the basement of the mansion in Twilight Town. Once that's done, you can use the Moogle Shops to synthesize the keychain.

Unlockable: Wisher's Lamp
You must beat Jafar in Agrabah.

Unlockable: Wonders of the Abyss
You must finish Chapter 4 of Atlantica.

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Cheats - Ultimate Form

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2007

First max out your drive and keep turning valor constantly and sooner or later you will get a new form called kingdom form it very bad ass because you very quick and no one can touch you.

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Cheats - How to beat seporthith

by Unregistered Oct 16, 2006

ok his name is spelled wrong but use the keyblade that hades gave you in the underworld tordament. then you should have bersek charge eqiuped then after you do that go and get ethers and hi-potions and mega-potions,after you do that put them in o'x'[],triangle,then you just fight him.

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Cheats - Torn pages for the pooh book

by hill620 Nov 22, 2006

Page 1:Disney Castle Library

Page 2:In the Pride Lands at the Oasis

Page 3:At the Crystal Fissure in Hallow Bastion

Page 4:In the Throne Room in the Land Of Dragons

Page 5:The Tower in Agrabah

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Cheats - Better Experienc, faster.

by Sephiroth Flame Jan 23, 2007

Some of the best places to train and level up are TWTNW, Pride Lands (lower levels) and Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion). TWTNW is FILLED with enemies, that can get you easy, fast, experience. Pride Lands can not only give you good crystals, gems, stones, but are packed full with enemies especialy after you beat it the 2nd time. Then at the top of pride Rock...i'll just say...look there. Hollow Bastion can give you rare items, tons of Munny and theres Sephiroth, who, if you beat him you'll recieve Fenrir, the strongest weapon in all of Kingdom Hearts 2. Hope this "cheat" works for you!

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Cheats - Info about KH 2

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Alright guys Igot all the info
Well the first of all The game itself is coming to America in Winter 2005
The battling is new and improved. There is a Transformation Drive (temporary name) which allows Sora to fuse with one of his teammates which helps you perform new abilities. The Health guage looks more pimped out for all of the charecters and the command list changes each time you go to a new world.
Sora can duel wield key blades. Right now the only playable demo version is in Japan.
You can revisit other worlds that you have in Kh1. There are new teammate appearance which include Auron from Final Fantasy.

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Hints - Getting Anti-Form When-ever you want activate

by Unregistered Feb 05, 2007

If you want Anti-Form to be activated.All you do is go to Land of Dragons and go to the Village.Then make sure you have a full Drive guage, enough for Master Form.Go to the Ridge then if there are three Heartless,(1 Neo shadow and 2 Flying Zombies).Turn to Master, but if there are nobodies instead of Heartless don't turn to Master.Ok, now,while in master let the heartless attack you until your drive runs out.Following, when in normal Sora you can turn to any form or save it for later, because that form has 86% it's Anti.We tested it 8 times and 7 out of those 8 is Anti.Anti is not activated when there are Nobodies around.You gotta make sure, at least, there are Heartless before turnin to Anti.Many people said its random but isn't.You can activate it when ever you want to activate it, just follow this tip.

----This code has been tested----

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Secret - Easy level up.

by Gellboy Oct 16, 2007

This i mainly for guys who've beaten the main story and wanna kick sephiroth's ass, so go to pride rock at climb to the top and there will be loads of enemies to attack an lvl up fast! Also i little less effective way is to go to the world that never was, and in the streets there's loads of heartless just waiting to be killed!

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Unlockable - How to unlock some keyblades

by blackfox168 May 18, 2009

Ways to unlock each key blade....

Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Bond of FlamesYou must finish the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.
Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: FenrirYou must beat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.
Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Follow the WindYou must beat Barbossa at Port Royal.
Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Guardian SoulYou must beat Hades in the 'Underworld' section of Olympus Coliseum.
Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: GullwingSpeak to Yuna after beating Hades in the 'Underworld' section
Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Hero's CrestBeat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.
Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Hidden DragonBeat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons
Kingdom Hearts II Unlockable: Holy PumpkinYou have to beat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.
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Secret - How to find frost stones

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2007

Thats simple go to disney castles hall of the corner stone of light, then go through the door to timeless river the heartless there have them!!


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Secret - Defeating sepiroth

by Unregistered Aug 10, 2007

First equip your best keyblade, (i waited till i got oblivion), then find the heartless that drops elixers and get enough to fill soras item slots. Then start the battle. Normally he goes and starts with a deadly hit that your reaction should easily counter. After that lock-on and use your trinity limit. You should do a big combo that would rid him of a bar or maybe more. After your limit finishes both of you should be in the air. Start attacking, about 4-5 hits and he will regain balance. Then you have to wait for an opening. As soon as hes open do a combo till he teleports away. Then you might need an to use an elixer. By repeating this process enough you should kill him. Remember, reaction commands and dodging with aerial recovers are very good use.

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Unlockable - Synthesis Items

by blackfox168 May 27, 2009


Blazing ShardHammer Frames, Minute Bombs
Blazing StoneCannon Gun, Tornado Step
Blazing GemFat Bandit, Fiery Globe
Blazing CrystalCrescendo, Crimson Jazz
Bright ShardBulky Vendor, Creeper Plant, Hook Bat, Soldier
Bright StoneBulky Vendor, Aeroplane, Driller Mole, Luna Bandit, Silver Rock, Tornado Step
Bright GemBulky Vendor, Aerial Knocker, Surveillance Robot
Bright CrystalBulky Vendor, Air Pirate, Crescendo, Neoshadow, Strafer
Dark ShardShadow, Soldier
Dark StoneAssault Rider, Nightwalker
Dark GemGargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior
Dark CrystalAir Pirate
Dense ShardCreeper, Dragoon
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Code - Gameshark Cheats for KH2

by shadow1 Feb 26, 2009

These codes work only for KH2. I posted this earlier but it was incomplete. The form codes require you to take the form out of the equipment slot for it to work. Hope this helps.

0480B429 1EB4770E98 Orichalcum+
24D0A428 D6BC572CDual-Weild Roxas
24D9F688 02BD56AC 24D9F688 02BD569C 25B971C8 00F9D638Insanely Slow Gauge Consumption
24D11468 317E4CD8 24D01468 347445F8 24C03E60 1464C548 24507640 1C6DC468 24D67642 186DC452 24D03E6C 116ECC78Multiply EXP gain x8
24CDB628 9EB61784Lvl 9 drive
1490136E B4B4535EHave antiform equip to donalds armor slot
1410136E B4B4535CHave final form equip to donalds armor slot
2455117E B824524EInfinite Munny
24D09428 34F44508 2446DC96 B9EC0CB3Infinite Drive Gauge
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Code - Donald Cheats (Codebreaker only!)

by Liljo2282 Jun 21, 2010

These codes will only work on codebreaker so dont bother reading if you dont have one!

1AED22DF 0000FFFFGives donald quick exp gain
0AEB340E 000000FFgives donald infinite hp
0AE9340E 000000FFgives donald ifinite mp
0AEF340E 000000FFgives donald max ap
0AED340E 000000FFgives donald max magic
0AEC340E 000000FFgives donald max defense
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Unlockable - Summons

by KingdomRoxas1 Nov 30, 2009

The summons are obtained by playing through the game: NOTE: PETER PAN AND STITCH ARE FOUND IN CHESTS
Chicken Litle: Bassball charm
Genie: Lamp Charm
Stitch: Ukealea charm
Peter Pan: Feather charm

GenieObtained after a certain part of Agrabah
Chicken LittleYou acquire him when you irst have the ability's to use summons
Stitchobtained after or before you enter trons world
Peter PanCertain chest in Port Royal 2nd visit, ship graveyard
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Easter Egg - Weight-Scale

by Madd_dogg Jun 04, 2009

In Traverse Town's one-and-only Item Shop(ran by Donald's three nephews, Huey, Duey, and Luey), located in the 1st District, there is a quaint weight-scale standing symmetrically upright against a wall, evenly-spaced in-between the purchase counter and the wall of the lower-entrance door, and facing the feet of the turquoise-colored stairs. Hop onto it and engage First-Person Mode, and from here you can see vaguely how much Sora weighs by the little needle pointing just shy of 90 (rather about 75 instead), representing Soras weight. Note: The same effect is not achieved when Goofy or Donald stands on the scale (which is rather difficult to get either of them to do, anyways).

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Secret - Master form

by kindomfreak07 Nov 14, 2007

a good place to train your master form is the land of dragons. so, first you get your drive gauge full. then when you get there choose the "kings throne" save point, then when you go thru thefront door stay there! then turn into master form. because if you turn into master form infront of the heartless you wil be in anti from.(your choise) since you level up with every orb you get (even munny) so every heartless gives you about 10 orbs each so thats kinda easy level up. good luck!

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Secret - How to beat the last boss

by jetdow125 Sep 01, 2007

frist keep hitting him with sora then sora will get hurt so use rikuo fight him this is the hard part he will do somthing that you try x square or triangle o do this into his hp is gone

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Secret - Beating Demyx

by Unregistered Aug 24, 2007

When you have to fight him for the second time lock on to him and use thunder. he will even say ouch. when you hit him the water attack he was using will stop and you just run over and attack him. The more you damage him the less you will have to fight the water dance thingys. It helps to be at around level 35ish and have ethers just in case you dont have any more magic for thunder..GOOD LUCK :)

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Secret - Beat sephiroth technique

by Unregistered Aug 03, 2007

first you have to equipt fatal crest keyblade from the godesses of fate tournament. then u get mega-ether or mega-elixer. then u have to be between lvl's 49-99. first while battling u must use sora's trinity limit.then when your MP gauge switches to pinkish purple. then use berserk and when he teleports keep a close eye on him. be sure when he flies in the air and says "decsend from hell heartless angel" that u attack him before he lets his arm down. then u have to get away fast when he says "perish now" its when he shoots fire out og the ground. but this is about all i can help u with srry

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by Unregistered Jun 11, 2008

you will know its me when i give a cheat 'cause this is my personal heading!Now seriopsly,suddenly u hear sora has a final form,then u freak out and start looking for cheats,u find some but they dont work!(pissed me off!!)Well,I got it on my own!and now u can to!this is the REAL WAY how TO GET FINAL FORM!(YOU HAVE TO HAVE MASTER FORM WHICH IS A STANDERED FORM,DONT WORRY U WILL GET IT!)and its easy!;first,go to olympus colisium(hercules world)and in the underworld.enter the Cerburus Cup and u will get a full drive.immediately turn to master,then u will see sora in a silver and black costume with two keyblades on his back.You've done!here is yuor final form! BUT PLEASE NOTE: IT WONTHAPPEN THE FIRST TIME! IF IT DOES'NT HAPPEN THE FIRST TIME,PAUSE AND PRESS RETRY AND DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN,IT WILL WORK! BE PAITENT!

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Hints - Fighting Sephiroth

by Unregistered Mar 01, 2007

Most people are saying to defeat Sephiroth you need to be level 65-100 but i've done him 7 times at level 50. (Dont ask why i've done it so many times) But anyway my tactic was...
Equip 3 Hi-potions and 3 Elixers to start with and make sure you have Second Chance on.
When you fight him hit triangle (Obviously) and then attack him. Its a good idea to block his attacks except for the one that knocks you into the air. Hit circle for ariel recovery and then hit x to attack him. That stops him attacking you. When he uses the 'give into the dark' thing then hit them away. When he uses the stupid thing that gets you down to one HP attack him beofre he uses it and then use that double jump thing for the meteors. Thats what i did anyway ... Hope it helps =]

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Unlockable - All keyblades

by Unregistered May 19, 2008

I cant help you on getting ultima. The keyblades i have information on are the only ones that are tricky to get.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
fenrirbeat sephoroth
fatal crestbeat goddes of fate cup
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Code - The shore or secret place

by thekingdomkid2997 Jul 12, 2010

Go to the place in disney were the blak and wite press r2and turn aroun near the entrance and the title has ??? go in ang your on the shore or secret place if it dose not work you have a differt version i dont see the differts but whatever

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