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apr 12, 2007Kingdom Hearts 2 [ PS2 ]   Submitted

Are there any easy ways to defeat Serpioth (sp)?


Secret - Beat sephiroth technique:

first you have to equipt fatal crest keyblade from the godesses of fate tournament. then u get mega-ether or mega-elixer. then u have to be between lvl's 49-99. first while battling u must use sora's trinity limit.then when your MP gauge switches to pinkish purple. then use berserk and when he teleports keep a close eye on him. be sure when he flies in the air and says "decsend from hell heartless angel" that u attack him before he lets his arm down. then u have to get away fast when he says "perish now" its when he shoots fire out og the ground. but this is about all i can help u with srry



Code - Easy Way to beat Sephiroth:

Step 1: Make sure you equip Trinity Limit.

Step 2: Make your Shortcuts be 3 Ethers and 1 Elixir and only use the Elixir for healing.

Step 3: Engage Sephiroth in combat and use Trinity then use a Ether

Step 4: Repeat step 3 as many times as possible

Tip: If low on Health use Elixir instead of an Ether