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jun 23, 2009Kingdom Hearts 2 [ PS2 ]   Submitted

were can I find frost gems cause i can't get them in the black and white places

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Secret - How t get final form:

Okay first MAKE SURE you have seen the cut scene where Sora meets roxas at the memory skyscraper. Enter the Cerberus Cup, which starts you off with a full Drive gauge. Since the Final Form appears randomly when you use a Form, this is the best place to get it. Just start the tournament and use the Master Form. If you do not turn into the Final Form, just press Start and select "Retry".(Be sure to click retry while still in DRIVE MODE!!!) You will restart the tournament with a full Drive gauge. Then, just use the Form again, retry, and keep repeating until you get the Final Form. The Final Form appears randomly, so be patient. Hope this helped you ~Brittany