Kingdom Hearts 2 Review

 [ PS2 ]

Kingdom Hearts 2 Review :

Awesome game

by ziko Sep 07, 2010

The second part of kingdoms hearts where instead of starting with sora you start with roxas which of course changes the atmosphere. This game is good. why? Because well it follows where it left off in the gba game so it makes perfect sense and so new characters are added such as more organization people finishing the 13 off and more new worlds. The only problem with this game is its easier then number one and you finish it faster it was so easy for me i finished it in a week and i am not joking. And there are new things called the nobodies . there strange things and i dont understand them but it changes the game so its worth it.

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8Story line
The story begins in twilight town in roxases room.Then you go see your friends and the game begins.You do quit a lot of things just for the beginings such as fighting nobodies and going on trains and thats it.But there is another for sora and he embarks on somthing completly different food storyline
The graphics are something that i have no idea what to say but here it goes:The graphics are nice and are up graded from the last game which give you a new felling about playing so good graphics.
The sound is good with new songs and tunes but some are annoying as they reapeat and reapeat over and over so that isnt good.But you have to admit its good and so i give it a good rating.
The gamplay is good because ypu have some fun and new mini games that are a bit babyish but they are all right so besides the minigames thereare may others they could have made but what ever.
9Lasting Appeal
All and all this is a good game.New stuff new music and new keyblades and new worlds and the new forms.So square enix well done for not crating a crappy japanese series and thinking a lot till next time guys and please comment this please!
(Out of 10)


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