Kingdom Hearts 2 Review

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Kingdom Hearts 2 Review :

The sequel that brings us more.

by StarlightRush1 Sep 08, 2010

Kingdom Hearts 2, The game that follows up Kingdom Hearts 1. Its a hard game to live up to - with the standards of it, but this game is far better than the original - Having new worlds in it is brilliant - but at the same time losing worlds like Monstro - would have been nice to see all the old characters again. Well time for the review! This is my review on the game: Kingdom Hearts 2

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9Story line
The story line is decent - it lets you travel to new Worlds that weren't in the first game eg. Beasts Castle. But on the other side of the actually true story line - all in all this game is amazing. Playing as Sora having to defeat the 7 remaining Organization XIII Members. This is a great Story!
Graphics are great! Sometimes when Cutscenes are playing...The facial expressions are blank when they are meant to be showing emotion - and sometimes during speech bubble cutscenes the character speaking has their lips moving after they have said what they have said. A bit of a let down.
THE MUSIC! THE MUSIC IS THE BEST PART OF THIS GAME FOR ME! With the music in game and out of game (title screen) this game had amazing pieces put together. The cutscene voice actors did a great job of living up to the Japanese voice acting - which in anything that was once Japanese - Hard to do!
In game graphics were outstanding. Yes - other games these days are better. Why? Because this game was only made in 2006 - but all that aside, it changes the aspect of the graphics for the Kingdom Hearts 1 graphics - towns are all clear and bright - so you can see where your going!
10Lasting Appeal
My lasting appeal of this game has to be - better than most games ever made. Unlike other games - this was a surprise fusion that works! Being a big KH fan myself - I would say all this nice stuff about it. But all together - I would recommend this game to anyone I know - And they like it!
(Out of 10)


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