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Kingdom Hearts 2 Review :

My view on kingdom hearts

by avenged Apr 27, 2012

If I was to give one word about this game iI would have to say intriguing the story is just so interesting and the gameplay makes it all the more better in my personal opinion it was much better than the first game by a long shot with all the improved power ups and combos no game equals up to this game. I think the best part about it was the combos as in kingdom hearts 1 the only combos you could do were one small hits that did barely any damage but in kingdom hearts 2 that all changed as you can control your combos making them more powerful as you progress so as the enemies get harder you get stronger and another part was the battles I think the way the game developers showed power through skill at fighting was very entertaining as it makes for a longer gameplay and in that sense more fun and enjoyable and if I had to give it a rating out of 10 it would definitely have to be an 8 the only reason I would miss 2 points is because I think there sound and graphics could have been improved.

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10Story line
I think the stroy line was absoutely fantastic it kept me gong and going and i didnt want it to end thre is so much in it giving the gamer so much to play and its partly heart breaking it even made me cry at some points and I wish that it had never ended and that it would continue forvere
I think the graphics were ok as the manga look is very hardto obtain but i think it looked a bit to animated and it didnt really make me feel like I was there although some of it was meant to be cartoony I still think that the geraphics around sora and friends couldv'e been improved
I think the sound on a whole was quite impressive you heard every movement felt every hit but i thikn that the music was maybe kind of pointless at times also some of the sounds that I think that some of the voices couldve been portrayed better to better show emotions rather than just normal speakin
I think the gameplay was very good as they was a lot to do and a lot of battles to do the fighting was well thought out and the way abilitys and items are set out are perfect but i think one improvement could be when choosing your difficulty setting some battles dont get any easier e.g sephiroth
5Lasting Appeal
I thikn that this gmes appeal to the world was not very well thought out as i only stumbled across this game by coincedence i ont think i saw any kind of advertisement and i thikn that its appeal wouldve been better with more things for the public to see but game players have the best opinion of it
(Out of 10)


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