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Monster Hunter Cheats :

This page contains Monster Hunter cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 2 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Monster Hunter on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Town of Hunters

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Successfully complete the following Five Star or Urgent quests in offline mode to unlock the corresponding gallery movie:

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Code - Rathian/Rathalos Quick Kill Tip: Locking

by Unregistered Jul 13, 2012

It's called 'head-locking' and you can do it with almost all bladed/blunt weapons.

You've seen most wyverns flinch, yes? Where so many hits to a certain body part (like wing-locking Gypceros/KutKu) will cause the wyvern to flinch in pain for a brief moment. This goes for hitting wyverns in the face/head as well, and it can be repeated to the extent where they become 'locked' in a repeat cycle of flinching until dead, or until you're in need of re-sharpening your weapon.

Very handy for when you're trying to obtain items/monster parts in a hurry, or begin to play for effeciency especially when taking the Troublesome Pair quest (Rathalos/Rathian in same quest), for those ever elusive 1% chance Los/Ian Plates.

It's recommended that you search out a lance for this method, as they allow for quick successive hits, and lateral movements to compensate for the wyverns being inched back from being locked/flinched. It is also recommended that you build up a lance that has at least 400 attack as it will only take 2 hits to the head of either Rathian or Rathalos to be locked. You can use weapons under that power but will succumb to having to deal with 3 hits and the possibility of wyvern attack if you mess up the timing.

The simple method is to get that first flinch, then have your last attack hit the head just as the wyvern is done shaking it's head from the previous flinch, cause it to flinch again. Rinse, repeat.

Here is a YouTube example (video is not mine, just randomly searched):

I had to make this post here because the other topics I saw listed as 'cheats/tips/hints' were an absolute joke, had nothing to do with anything, weren't even finished topics, or worse. Yes, this is for an old game, no longer with it's online COOP, but deserves an easily comprehendable description.

And, as it so happens. Locking can actually still be performed in all the sequels to date. (to an extent, in some games better than others, like MH3/Tri). I hope this is of some use to any readers or anyone who searches Google for hints.

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Hints - Easy way to kill a RATHALOS

by Hero_Riley Nov 07, 2006

FIGHTER: Lure a RATHALOS into SECTION 9 and set a PITFALL TRAP where he lands to eat. Then set Lg Barrel-Bomb(s) in the middle of the PITFALL TRAP. Then when it falls in use 2 Sm Barrel-Bombs then run away as fast as you can! You can keep on doing this by:

PITFALL TRAP = Net + Traptool
NET = Spiderweb + Ivy
LG BARREL-BOMB = Gunpowder + Lg Barrel

GUNNER: Like I said lure it to SECTION 9 and set a PITFALL TRAP and 2 Lg Barrel-Bomb. DON'T USE A SMALL BARREL BOMB! When it falls in shoot the Lg Barrel-Bomb on the ledge where the honey is and you might want to use the LV2 BULLETS while it is trying to get out.

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Hints - Get the Golem Sword

by Unregistered Jul 20, 2005

Attack: 627 Broadsword Normal sharpness
1. Create Bone sword
2. Upgrade to " " + using 4 sm monster bone
3. Upgrade to Agito using 6 sm monster bone
4. Upgarde to " " + using 5 sm monster bone, 2 med monster bone (Get from Liver of Legend Mission at the end of mission/from giant herbivore creatures by carving them up/exchange Piscine Jaw with old man in area 7 on First monster hunt)
5. Upgrade to Dragon Agito using using 5 sm monster bone, 5 med monster bone
6. Upgrade to Golem Sword using 2 Lg monster bones (get from mission Lv4 Land Shark by killing Cephadrome), 4 rubbery hide (get from mission Lv4 Slay the Celypecerous or something like that), 5 Wyvern Fang (get from mission Lv4 Capture the Yian Kut-Ku).

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Cheats - Get Tons Of Money

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Get two small monster bones from the monsters. This can be done in the first level, but if you want to get the sword immediately after the level do not spend $50 before the first level. Then, go to the weapon crafter and have him create the bone sword. It is slow but is incredibly strong.

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Cheats - Prepare for Monster Attacks

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Kut Ku Scales can be found in area one during level one and two star missions. Go
down the hill. Near the edge of the water in one of the corners are some piles of
dung. Search them. Every other time you will get a Kut Ku Scale, which can be
sold for a high price.

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Hints - Easy way to kill WYVERNS

by Hero_Riley Nov 07, 2006

I think it works. When you cut off a wyverns body part and let it run around, tackle you, fly, etc., it gets weaker and looses health.

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Secret - Easy money for 2 started peeps

by Unregistered Sep 22, 2008

now i know you think everyone that puts a post of easy money you think its already known and its bad but this one is very cool now most of you obviously know that you can find kut kut scales in area 1 in one of the corners down the hill well on level 1's you have more chance of finding them so this is what u do get 1 iron pickakes or 2 if you have money go to the quest fishing now first thing you do is get 10 worms and behind the tent there is a fishing spot there is a chance there you can get a golden fish worth 760z rare-5 i got it 3 times and there are alot of fish there to catch now go to area 11 and kill the buffalo and on the tree stump its once your heading to are 12 theres infinite worms keep on catching fish there get 2-5 sushifish so you can do a trick now go up the hil in area 11 and mine if your iron pickake breaks it will be because you found a earth crystal wich is worth it.. in that mining place you can get heaps of stuff... now end the quest and redo it and get your sushi fish with you now go and check the kut kut scales and the fishing place in your camp if you get a kut kut scale thats 250 bucks and a golden fish thats 760 bucks so its clearly easy money i've done and the money and the iron ore i have full velociprey and a bone blade + and i just started 3 starts and in my bank i have 20 kut kut scales 50 v fangs 50 scales 52 hides 33 kelbi hides and 12 kelbi horns and 19 earth krystals this trick is boring but its worth it once you see the $$$ the move on to become a cool street monster hunter!!! like my cousin who kills wyverns with his legs by pressing r3

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