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Monster Hunter Review :

Monster Hunter a game that don't get the credit it deserves

by 6dark87 Jun 07, 2011

Monster Hunter is a strategy hunting game where you can choose to be a blademaster(sword,hammer, etc.) or gunner(crossbow,shotgun, etc.) You have to use strategy to slay or capture some of the monster your on a quest for like the Rathalos or Gypceros. You can make weapons or armor from materials you carve from monsters or find in the areas in the game. You do need skill to play the game though cause it gets harder and harder as you progress through the game, the game itself has no storyline all you do is slay,capture and gather in the game. You can combine stuff to make materials you need in the game like herb+blue mushroom for potion then you can add honey and get mega potion. Some areas you need to be prepared to enter like the desert you will need cool drinks to keep from overheating and hot drinks when you are somewhere extremely cold to keep from freezing to death. Some monsters have alignments(elements) like fire or poison so you will have to be prepared. Overall this is a extremely fun and exciting game that don't get the credit it deserves cause Capcom didn't advertise it and cause of bad reviews from people who can't play it.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
There is no storyline to the game you just slay and capture monsters or gather materials. You could say that the storyline is helping slay monsters for people, protection ur village and gathering and capturing for poeple who need you to do so.
Fairly good graphics since it was made in 2004 but it is still very good for a game from that time period.
Good sound, you do have to listen while playing so you can tell where a monster is so DON'T turn your volume down.
Good gameplay though the controls are hard to some cause to attack you have to use the right analog stick and move the camera using the directonal buttons.
10Lasting Appeal
It has very good appeal cause i still play now and it came out in 2004 cause of the huge selection of armor and weapons you can make and get.
(Out of 10)


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