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Mortal Kombat: Deception Cheats :

This page contains Mortal Kombat: Deception cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 11 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 7 glitches, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mortal Kombat: Deception on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Menu mystery

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Koffin Result Cost or location
AA Quan Chi Attack art
221 Sapphire
AB Golden Desert arena
E-2 Netherrealm
AC 297 Gold Koins
63 Sapphire
AD Edenia Realm Map art
148 Platinum
AE 371 Jade Koins
137 Platinum
AF Chou Jaio video
Punch Mocap at C-6 Orderrealm
AG Puzzle Fighter Ladder art
121 Ruby
AH Torture concept art
159 Ruby
AI Kabal Storyboard art
201 Gold
AJ Sindel alternate biography
186 Sapphire
AK Konquest Layout art
127 Sapphire
AL Liu Kang Tomb Render art
227 Platinum
AM Nightwolf alternate costume
A-4 Netherrealm
AN Noob Storyboard art
179 Sapphire
AO Scorpion Kata Test video
612 Onyx
AP MK4 Scorpion Render art
202 Platinum
AQ Jade alternate biography
352 Platinum
AR Ermac Early concept art
192 Ruby
AS Sub-Zero alternate biography
C-3 Earthrealm
AT Sindel Storyboard art
155 Platinum
BA Kira Storyboard art
193 Sapphire
BB MK4 3D Test video
681 Platinum
BC Dragon King Render art
108 Sapphire
BD 602 Sapphire Koins
117 Gold
BE MK Chess concept art
213 Platinum
BF Scorpion vs Sub-Zero art
113 Onyx
BG 297 Sapphire Koins
352 Ruby
BH Liu Kang's Tomb arena
Bridge at Earthrealm H-6 at 4 a.m. on Friday

BI Liu Kang biography
Complete Konquest mode, then go to Earthrealm H-4 at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday and look in the bigger building behind Liu Kang's Ghost

BJ Chamber Death Trap concept art
198 Gold
BK 4 Player concept art
106 Platinum
BL Evil Yin Yang concept art
87 Jade
BM 659 Platinum Koins
97 Gold
BN Nightwolf concept art
88 Onyx
BO Bo' Rai Cho alternate biography
269 Ruby
BP Live at Kuatan music
E-5 Netherealm
BQ Nethership Stern art
227 Sapphire
BR 461 Gold Koins
129 Ruby
BS Chess Kombat concept art
56 Jade
BT Arcade Select music
488 Onyx
CA 722 Ruby Koins
202 Gold
CB 374 Gold Koins
338 Platinum
CC Beetle Lair music
A-6 Earthrealm
CD Beetle Lair concept art
212 Onyx
CE Dariou alternate biography
422 Jade
CF Weapon concept art
178 Platinum
CG Raiden Torpedo Shujinko's Move
E-5 Edenia
CH 254 Sapphire Koins
154 Gold
CI Li Mei concept art
210 Sapphire
CJ Falling Cliffs concept art
135 Gold
CK Chamber of Artifacts Lower Level art
101 Jade
CL Raiden Lightning Test art
1004 Jade
CM Undead General art
177 Platinum
CN Havik's alternate costume
1114 Jade
CO Dragon King's Throne art
256 Platinum
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Secret - How to get loose items?

by josed Oct 04, 2010

You know that sometimes when you are fighting, there is a weapon floating in the middle of the arena. Well if you don't know how to get it it's really easy just get close to it and press the button.:L2. And you will get the weapon.

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Glitch - Easy Onyx/Platinum Koins.

by SharinganMasta17 Oct 06, 2008

Set the difficulty level of Puzzle Kombat to "Novice" and set the difficulty of regular kombat (CPU Difficulty) to "Max". Play Puzzle kombat, the difficulty will be low, but the rewards will be for the higher difficulty.

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Glitch - Headless Liu Kang.

by SharinganMasta17 Oct 06, 2008

Pick Liu Kang as your fighter and face Shujinko. Perform Fatality 2 on Shujinko. When the Fatality is finished, there will be no head at all.

NOTE: This only works when you fight against Shujinko.

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Glitch - Tethered Opponent.

by SharinganMasta17 Oct 06, 2008

Choose Scorpion as any character and select Beetle Lair stage. Stand toward your opponent with the stain glass between the two and use the spear with opponent blocking. He will be tethered to Scorpion until any damage is taken.

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Glitch - Unlimited Koins.

by SharinganMasta17 Oct 06, 2008

In the realm or order, you will find Mavado. When you speak to him, he will ask to exchange coins. Speak to him again, he gives you the coins in exchange for the ones he wants. Well, if you keep going back to him, he gives you more sapphire coins everytime.

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Glitch - Unlimited Platinum koins.

by SharinganMasta17 Oct 06, 2008

There's an old man in Edenia (Coordinates E-8, inside a house) that wil give you 500 Platinum koins if you bring him a necklace found from a dead body in G1. (Outside of the castle)
You can keep getting a necklace and giving it to the old man and he will keep rewarding you.

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Glitch - Walking on Air.

by SharinganMasta17 Oct 06, 2008

In Konquest Mode, The "Walk on Air" glitch can be performed at any time in the Orderrealm. Go to the outermost walkway in H-5, and hug the invisible barrier while you change from H-5 to H-6. You'll end up being able to walk on the air, and even go out where you can't go. This sends you into "Negative Space", or area -1.

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Code - How To Unlock Raiden

by Unregistered Dec 20, 2012

To Unlock Raiden Go to Area E-3 and Fight Raiden And Defeat him. After You Defeat Him It Will Give You A Krypt Key To Unlock Him. :) that's It Just As Easy As that.

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Code - Personalized profile code

by Unregistered Sep 27, 2010

When you are creating a profile and you cant be bothered to type the code in, for example press R 1 simultaneously until you get to the 5 th screen, were it says you have to type the code in again do it one more time and it should say profile created, so then you type your name in and save. Go back to the home page and type in your personalized code and it should come up with your profile...

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Glitch - Walk under ground

by scorpion_flame Mar 24, 2009

in Edenia (doesnt matter wat time it is) go to the path where u find lui kangs chest and run at the wall U will go underground and see the top of shujinkos hair

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Hints - Keep it

by Unregistered Feb 05, 2007

if you give the warrior's meddalion to bo rai cho, you shouldn't of, because if you don't, you will get a prize at the end of the game(1000 onyx coins)

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Hints - Secret charactor

by h0spid Jul 09, 2005

When you see yellow lines that means you can go to the next level of the room.

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Cheats - Unlockable Fatalities

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Bloody Spear: Back, Forward, Square
HellFire: Down, Back, Triangle
BackFlip Kick: Forward, Back, X
Teleport Attack: Down, Back, X

Fatality 1: Forward, Down, Forward, Forward, Square (sweep)
Fatality 2: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Square (close)
Hara-kiri: Down, Down, Up, Back, Square

Rolling Thunder: Back, Down, Circle
Soaring Sai: Down, Forward, Triangle
Kick From Above: Forward, Forward, Circle

Fatality 1: Forward, Forward, Down, Down, Square (sweep)
Fatality 2: Up, Up, Forward, Forward, X (far)
Hara-kiri: Back, Down, Forward, Back, Square

Flying Shards: Down, Back, Square
Mutant Blades: Forward, Forward, X
Chop Chop Blades: Down, Up, X

Fatality 1: Forward, Up, Down, Triangle (close)
Fatality 2: Forward, Down, Back, Forward, Triangle (sweep)
Hara-kiri: Down, Back, Up, Back, Circle

Ice Clone: Down, Back, Square
Freeze Ball: Down, Forward, X
Cold Shoulder: Back, Forward, Circle

Fatality 1: Forward, Back, Down, Forward, Triangle (close)
Fatality 2: Back, Down, Forward, Down, Square (sweep)
Hara-kiri: Down, Up, Down, Up, Triangle

Raging Flash: Back, Forward, Circle
Plasma Blast: Down, Forward, Square
Nomad's Touch: Down, Back, Triangle

Fatality 1: Forward, Up, Up, Up, X (close)
Fatality 2: Up, Up, Down, Down, Triangle (close)
Hara-kiri: Forward, Up, Up, Down, Triangle

Mystic Float: Down, Up, X
Mystic Bomb (only during mystic float): Down, X
Dive Kick (only during mystic float): Forward, X
Telekinetic Throw: Forward, Back, Triangle
Hado-Energy: Down, Back, Square
Tele-Kinetic Slam: Back, Down, Back, Circle

Fatality 1: Down, Back, Back, Down, X (sweep)
Fatality 2: Back, Down, Back, Down, Circle (sweep)
Hara-kiri: Down, Up, Up, Down, X

Spirit Arrow: Down, Back, Square
Rhino Charge: Forward, Forward, Circle
Lightning From Above: Down, Up, Square
Reflector: Forward, Back, Triangle

Fatality 1: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Square (far)
Fatality 2: Down, Forward, Down, Up, Triangle (sweep)
Hara-kiri: Up, Up, Up, Up, X

Bo'Rai Cho-
Puke Puddle: Back, Forward, Triangle
Monkey Flips: Down, Back, Square
Belly Bash: Forward, Forward, Circle
Earthquake: Down, Up, X

Fatality 1: Down, Up, Forward, Forward, Triangle (sweep)
Fatality 2: Up, Back, Forward, X (sweep)
Hara-kiri: Back, Back, Forward, Forward, Triangle


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Cheats - Stage Select

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

To get him you go to Edenia and go to the center near the bottom and you will see Rain talk to him and he will say he is looking for a cave. Then go down to either like the bottom left or right corner and there will be a tent with Jade in it talk to Jade and she will tell you to go back and talk to Rain go back talk to him and go back to the tent and you will find Rain dead. Then go behind the tent and meditate untill it is Friday at 12:00 A.M you will see a box inside is the key to tomb OT enjoy Liu Kang.

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Cheats - EZ money

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Liu Kang's Tomb - At the end of the bridge in earthrealm after fighting Jax (Area H-6)
Dragon King's Temple - Found in a house in Chaosrealm around D-7
Shang Tsung's Courtyard - Found in a treasure chest at point A-1 in Neatherrealm
Kuatan Palace - Found in a treasure chest at point A-4 in Orderrealm
Beetle Lair - Found in a treasure chest at point A-6 in Earthrealm after finishing Konquest
Quan Chi's Fortress - Found in a treasure chest at point H-5 in Orderrealm
Dragon Mountain - Found in a treasure chest at point H-8 in Outworld
Living Forest - Open Koffin DS with 1694 Sapphire Koins
Dead Pool - Open Koffin JI with 2191 Ruby Koins
Nexus - Treasure chest in choasrealm (Area A-4)
Portal - Treasure chest in earthrealm (area E-5)
Golden Desert - Treasure chest in neatherrealm (area E-2)
Courtyard - Treasure chest in netherrealm (Area A-1)

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Cheats - New moves for Shujinko

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Found in a treasure chest on map H-4 In Choasrealm in Konquest (check the houses)

Found in a treasure chest at point H-1 in Orderealm after 4AM

Open Koffin OI using 2,417 Jade Koins in Krypt

Found in a treasure chest on map C-3 In Earthrealm in Konquest

Found in a treasure chest at point H-2 in Earthrealm between 7-9pm

Li Mei
Find her in a house in outworld (Area F-7)

Lui Kang
Found in a treasure chest at point G-8 in Edenia at 12AM Friday Morning behind the tent

Noob - Smoke
Open Koffin DM using 3,642 Onyx Koins in Krypt

Defeat Him at Point E-3 in Orderrealm After Finishing Konquest Mode

Finish Konquest Mode

Found in a treasure chest at point D-1 in Netherrealm (1-4 am)

Found in a treasure chest at point A-3 in Outworld between 7-9pm

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Cheats - Unlockable: Fatalities

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

AA - 221 Sapphire Koins - PA: Quan Chi Attack
AB - E-2/Netherrealm - Arena: Golden Desert
AC - 63 Sapphire Koins - Koins: 297 Gold
AD - 148 Platinum Koins - PA: Edenia Realm Map
AE - 137 Platinum Koins - Koins: 371 Jade
AF - C-6/Orderrealm (Punch Mokap) - Video: Chou Jaio
AG - 121 Ruby Koins - PA: Puzzle Fighter Ladder
AH - 159 Ruby Koins - PA: Torture Concept
AI - 201 Gold Koins - PA: Kabal Story Board
AJ - 186 Sapphire Koins - Bio: Sindel Alt
AK - 127 Sapphire Koins - PA: Konquest Layout
AL - 227 Platinum Koins - PA: Liu Kang Tomb Render
AM - A-4/Netherrealm - Costume: Nightwolf Alt
AN - 179 Sapphire Koins - PA: Noob Story Board
AO - 612 Onyx Koins - Video: Scorpion Kata Test
AP - 202 Platinum Koins - PA: MK4 Scorpion Render
AQ - 352 Platinum Koins - Bio: Jade Alt
AR - 192 Ruby Koins - PA: Ermac Early Concept
AS - C-3/Earthrealm - Bio: Sub-Zero Alt
AT - 155 Platinum Koins - PA: Sindel Story Board
BA - 193 Sapphire Koins - PA: Kira Story Board
BB - 681 Platinum Koins - Video: MK4 3D Test
BC - 108 Sapphire Koins - PA: Dragon King Render
BD - 117 Gold Koins - Koins: 602 Sapphire
BE - 213 Platinum Koins - PA: MK Chess Concept
BF - 113 Onyx Koins - PA: Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero
BG - 352 Ruby Koins - Koins: 297 Sapphire.
BH - H-6/Earthrealm (Bridge) - Arena: Liu Kang's Tomb
BI - 294 Platinum Koins - Bio: Liu Kang
BJ - 198 Gold Koins - PA: Chamber Death Trap Concept
BK - 106 Platinum Koins - PA: 4 Player Concept
BL - 87 Jade Koins - PA: Evil Yin Yang Concept
BM - 97 Gold Koins - Koins: 659 Platinum.
BN - 88 Onyx Koins - PA: Nightwolf Concept.
BO - 269 Ruby Koins - Bio: Bo' Rai Cho Alt
BP - E-5/Netherealm - Music: Live at Kuatan
BQ - 227 Sapphire Koins - PA: Nethership Stern
BR - 129 Ruby Koins - Koins: 461 Gold
BS - 56 Jade Koins - PA: Chess Kombat Concepts.
BT - 488 Onyx Koins - Music: Arcade Select
CA - 202 Gold Koins - Koins: 722 Ruby
CB - 338 Platinum Koins - Koins: 374 Gold
CC - A-6/Earthrealm - Music: Beetle Lair
CD - 212 Onyx Koins - PA: Beetle Lair Concepts
CE - 422 Jade Koins - Bio: Dariou Alt
CF - 178 Platinum Koins - PA: Weapon Concepts
CG - E-5/Edenia - Shujinko's Move: Raiden Torpedo
CH - 154 Gold Koins - Koins: 254 Sapphire
CI - 210 Sapphire Koins - PA: Li Mei Concepts
CJ - 135 Gold Koins - PA: Falling Cliffs Concepts
CK - 101 Jade Koins - PA: Chamber of Artifacts Lower Level
CL - 1004 Jade Koins - Raiden Lightning Test
CM - 177 Platinum Koins - PA: Undead General
CN - 1114 Onyx Koins -... 

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