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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Cheats :

This page contains Naruto: Ultimate Ninja cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 4 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 2 unlockables, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Naruto: Ultimate Ninja on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How 2 unlock all Charathers

by Uzamaki66 Sep 03, 2007

Neji Hyuga saga
Beat Anyone's scanrio once

Hinata hyuga saga and neji Hyuga

Beat Neji Hyuga'll get hinata hyuga saga and neji hyuga as a charater

haku saga and hinata

beat Hinata hyuga'll get hinata as a charater and haku saga

(reminder:haku's and zabuza:s scenarios are only 4 battles)

Zabuza Momchi saga and haku

beat haku saga you:ll get zabuza saga and haku as a charater

gaara saga and zabuza momchi

beat zabuza's saga you'll get gaara's saga and zabuza as a charater

orochimaru saga and gaara

beat gaara saga and you'll get orochimaru saga and gaara as a charater


beat orochimaru's saga and you'll get orochimaru as a charater

(Reminder: You'll get some stages after someones unlockable charater's saga)

curse mark saskue

beat all c-rank missions

nine tailed fox naruto

beat all b-rank missions


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Unlockable - List of ranx and how to get 'em

by Unregistered Mar 10, 2008

list of ranx and how to get 'em

Unlockable:How to unlock:
geninfinish ALL the the training exersises
chuninfinish ALL D-Rank missions
joninfinish ALL B-Rank missions
special joninfinish ALL A-Rank missions
anbu Black-Op.unknown
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Hints - Soul jutsu

by Unregistered Apr 11, 2007

Ok first I do not know how i did this but u have to go to the lookout tower and get to the bottom lvl of it then on the left tree use a subtittution justu then fall then the screen should flicker and ur character will be able to change any time u want it to by pressing the t angle botton the only bad thing is u can do any special justsu but u can change into anyone u have unlocked example naruto into saskue they go in order hopfully itll work for yea

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Hints - How to unlock nine tailed naruto

by Unregistered Sep 26, 2006

to unlock nine tailed naruto become a jonin in mission unlock curse marked sasuke become a chunin in mission mode.

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Cheats - Cheats

by cGub Jun 28, 2006

Unlock Secret Characters
In Story mode using any default character complete his or her story to unlock a secret character and then complete the story with the character you have just unlocked to unlock another secret character.

Unlock Neji Hyuuga:
Complete Story mode with any default character.

Unlock Hinata Hyuuga:
Complete Story mode with Neji Hyuuga.

Unlock Haku:
Complete Story mode with Hinata Hyuuga.

Unlock Zabuza Momochi:
Complete Story mode with Haku.

Unlock Gaara:
Complete Story mode with Zabuza Momochi.

Unlock Orochimaru:
Complete Story mode with Garaa.

Unlock Alternate Costumes:
At the Selection screen when choosing a character hold L1 + R1.

Unlock Bonus 'S' Rank Missions:
Complete 'S' rank Mission 2, 'Icha Icha Paradise' to unlock Mission 11. To unlock Mission 12 complete ALL non-'S' rank missions (Hokage rank).

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Unlockable - Curse Marked Sasuke/ Demon Naruto

by Unregistered Oct 02, 2008

Beat all D-Ranked missions for curse mark Sasuke. Beat all b-ranked for Kyuubi Naruto (Nine tails). Also additional blows are the slow-motion moves you perfrom. There are several ways to do them.

1)Hit your oppenent with (up+O)repeatedly then press x 3 times (when thet're in the air), then up and o again.
2)Use grapple(opposite direction of enemy plus O) then point analog stick towards their direction with O
Do this the number of times they specify

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Hints - Loading backgrounds

by kuubinaruto May 29, 2007

hey ppl id like to tellyou a little hint on how to unlock backgrounds for the kloading screen...

you can do that by making these sets of chearacters battle 10 times, heres a set

neji,lee heres another, sasuke,naruto ill give out more when i find them.

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Cheats - Scroll in lookout tower

by Unregistered Oct 16, 2006

once u break the purple barrier go up 2 the frogs mouth and jump 2 the snake and jump back 2 the frog, if that doesn't work keep on jumping back and forth until u see the scroll above u.

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