Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 Review

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 Review :

Ultimate Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 12, 2010

Well naruto ultimate ninja 3 was a really fun game because it was the third game of both Number 1 & 2, and this one was way more funner than both put together because you are Naruto, and you need to explore the village, finnishing mission, and passing the Chunin exams. There are more than 20 play-able characters which gave you time to Try every last one of them, and better Yet you can customize your own character with his/her own jutsus, which made the game fun, because you like naruto, but you like the Chidori, so you can make naruto learn the Chidori, and you will have alot of fun, you are able to explore the entire leaf village, like going to the slot games, and doing alot more while you are doing missions.

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10Story line
The story mode is really Great! you are able to explore the entire leaf village, and you are able to interact with characters, and they will give you some time, for when you have nothing to do
The way the characters look is a little sloppy because, when you are in story mode you cannot even see there eyes or there hands, wich makes things hard to do because you want to hit someone but you will miss
The hitting noises, and the jutsu noises are really great they are in all the other naruto games, and the talking is really Spectacular, because they have the same voice as in the anime
When you first play this game then you will keep playing it beacuse you want to unolock all the things, and you can, and there is alot more to do than in the story mode, like playing 2 players, mini games and everything
8Lasting Appeal
I just wished that there were alot more characters, because there is not enough, and you start to get really bored after playing with the same characters
(Out of 10)


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