Need for Speed Most Wanted Review

 [ PS2 ]

Need for Speed Most Wanted Review :

Good game

by jimster Oct 06, 2010

This is one of the best racing games that I have ever played, I made a custom Mustang which I used to climb my way up to the top of the blacklist. I built my Mustang so good that I was able to easily defeat the top members of the blacklist, well except for the drag races which I wasn't very good at but I was pretty good at racing the circuit and normal races. Plus I add a guide that helped me find shortcuts on all the racing tracks, So together I was able to easily defeat them all, you can decide what car you want to use to climb up the blacklist. You decide what car to drive and will ultimately decide the faith of your racer.

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10Story line
Follow a street racer as he seeks to win his car back from other racers, who use your car to climb up a blacklist, so in this epic adventure you must win all 15 racers and evade the police, in order to ultimately win the game.
The graphics are great the graphics make it feel like you are actually expierenceing a race, So enjoy the graphics of this great game.
The sounds of the game is pretty good and even better when its gets further in the game, so enjoy the sounds of this awesome racin game.
There are three gameplay options avaiavlable, Carrer mode, in which you climb the blacklist, Challenge mode, which will challenge your driving skills, and quick race which willbe good practice for career mode. In addtion you can challenge other players with two player mode.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is great, I only hope that you will enjoy racing in this game as much as I did, and I would Highly recommend it for all those who love racing games.
(Out of 10)


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