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oct 31, 2007Obscure II [ PS2 ]   Submitted

Where Can I Find The Gun?In The Billiards Room?


Unlockable - The Gun:

When you are in the library there will be a paper. Change to the girl and read the paper you will then get a code memorize it or wright it down. (I memorized it) Then go back to the billierts room and go to the safe. The number I said about is a combonation. Imput the code the there you have it the gun. But heres a extra for you. Ok. Here it is. Watch out the girl you saw in the hall way blocking the door will turn in to a monster. The monster is not small it is huge. I say this in four words. DO NOT USE THE GUN. It will use up most of your ammo and you need it for something ahead. Kill the monster with a bat. And there you go

GunRead the paper in the library. Get the combination. Then go to the bill