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Okami Cheats :

This page contains Okami cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 5 unlockables, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Okami on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Orca is faster than Ammy! o_O

by WinterChocolatt Apr 22, 2010

The Water Tablet. A sacred artifact that enables you to walk on water. Now, as me and my cousins have thought before-hand, Amaterasu would beat Orca in getting across the seawater faster. Were we terribly wrong. We actually timed the two since Ammy seemed much slower, but we couldn't believe it. Orca took less than 10 seconds to reach one of the islands in Ryoshima Coast, while Ammy took around an approximate 25. So whenever you return to the coast to:
1 - Get the treasures hidden inside the pink clams underwater, found on rocks in the sea. Plus, by the time you've gotten the tablet, the Water Dragon is gone, so it would be more ideal to go get them now.
2 - Get to the several islands in order to get secrets among other things.
3 - Re-visit places like Catcall Tower for maybe some unfinished work perhaps.
Whatever you do, I recommend using Orca instead of Amaterasu as you save more time that way, and have less frustration. I would be one to know from not noticing sooner.

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Secret - Easily defeat the Spider Queen

by WinterChocolatt Mar 15, 2010

As most of us would know, you SHOULD only be able to hit those [Freaky] eyeballs inside of her when she drops down. Namely, only when she uses her web to attach herself to the ceiling. So after she finally falls down, you then would normally use the vine brush technique to attach the blossom vines to her... But I've found a quicker alternative.
Instead of doing the above mentioned, just use the vine brush power right away.
To do so, first press square directed either to the left or right to obviously start dashing. It doesn't honestly matter which way you go or take, but as I'm right-handed, I found it easier to start dashing left. You can either just leave it at that, or dash until Amaterasu gets even faster, at speed level two. It is needed, but it'll be simpler if you're fast enough to evade the queen's attacks. One of which being where she'd rush over to you and use this web shot, or where she'd run over and start smashing into the rock floor. Either way, you're running so she shouldn't be able to even touch you, so once you're at the side of her, facing her sideways, immediately use vine on her hooks. Don't go to far behind her though, she'll just automatically turn around and you won't be able to trap her. After getting one vine on her already, repeat it twice more, like the usual method to get her abdomen to release. But be careful and mind the falling rocks she causes to drop from the ceiling; they obstruct your brush in order to paint. Don't take too long either, she'll break free from the vine(s). You've now discovered a faster way to kill her.

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Secret - Second time killing Crimson Helm @ Ark of Yamato

by WinterChocolatt Mar 15, 2010

There's a nice cheat into eliminating the Crimson Helm quickly at the final location of Okami. You have to equip the Fire Tablet. Also, you must have already learned Deluge, Water Tech 3 at the palace. If you haven't already done so, go to Queen Himoko's palace. Instead of going thorough the usual entrance, go to the back and find her right-hand maid there. She'll request that you sprinkle divine and holy water onto the four looming stones. After obtaining it, go fight Crimson Helm. But remember to equip the Fire Tablet. If you've paid enough attention, the information on the tablet says complete resistance to fire. So no matter how strong any of the fire-attributed attacks Crimson Helm does, it won't effect you at all. Unless he uses physical ones that would obviously hurt you. But one for example would be when he leaps up and impacts to the ground, and fire spreads out from him. Instead of having to jump, you can just run on over to him instead and try to deal some more damage. When he uses any fire techniques, and when you are able to get the armor off of him to attack, you can instead use Deluge and make the fire go away, instead of using Galestorm. The longer lines you use, the longer the rain will stay and keep the fire away! Also, remember that Deluge also causes massive damage continuously, as long as it's in effect. So not only do you stop him from using any fire, you also damage him in the process. Think about it, using Galestorm to get rid of the fire doesn't damage him when he uses the attacks, but Deluge does, making it faster to get his armor off. There's also the fact that when he has no armor on, instead of using the wind to buff the fire and attack, Deluge permanently gets rid of the flames and damages him, so you won't have to even bother running over to attack him as long as you draw two long vertical lines for more effect.

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Unlockable - Narai River Clover

by WinterChocolatt Dec 07, 2009

Narai river is the rushing one that leads 2 Taka Pass, in Agata Forest. To get the water tablet to walk on it, finish helping Kaguya in Sasa Sanctuary first. After that, go visit the emperor in the aristocratic quarter, and exchange with him demon fangs for the tablet. Then equip it, and dash on over to the left to see a ledge in the wall. Jump on 2 there, and find a clover spot. You have now found an extremely well-hidden clover! Congrats! :D

Narai river cloverEquip water tablet, go left on narai river, and jump up ledge to find a glowing clover spot
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Unlockable - Snow Sakuya Sculpture

by WinterChocolatt Dec 04, 2009

Has anyone ever thought about power slashing those small, triangular snow structures in Kamui Well I was sure curious and decided to power slash 'em every time I saw 1 to reach my goal of max yen without Action Replay halfway through and done. Plus the fruits are extra yen added on in 2. So not only will u get 2 witness and see something special and hidden, but get sum yen on the way. Not impressed yet Well, 'Here we go!' |D
Okay, so you have to go to Kamui, where it is obviously the only place where it snows. Once you're there, go dash on over 2 the south, where Onigiri's dojo iz @. [U know, the one where Kokari is fishing @.] Now don't enter the place, cuz u can see 4 urself that there isn't any snow in the building. Stop right after u enter the dojo area along the stone path and direct urself 2 the right of the dojo, and look around there. A snowy thin hill mound will somewhat catch ur eye. Now in most cases, if u ever slash 1 of these things 3 consecutive times, u see a sculpture of Issun or Amaterasu. This is always the case, and this had only happened 2 me once. Instead of the above mentioned, a statue of Sakuya, of all the wood sprites in 'the world', emerges. Altho I must say that I explore everywhere in Okami, and came back and forth to the dojo 2 make sure I had everything, but I didn't see her on the first power slash but after 4 times. Tho it might be more 4 others. Also, I have actually played Okami a total of 6 times [Altho a certain person on youtube played for 11, so wat I accomplished waz nothing compared 2 that.] and in all my following playthroughs have never again seen her sculpture again. I had even experimented, and found out, discovering that power slashing any other located structure did not work or help either, so stick with the one situated @ the dojo entrance. I imagine it must be quite and pretty rare. So now u are able to see an uncommon feature of Okami, congrats!

[Super] rare Sakuya sculptureGo to Kamui and then the entrance of the dojo there. Look for a structure made of snow and power slash 3 times to see the entire appearance. This was not seen on my first try tho so u might have try a couple of times.
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Secret - The secret @ Hanasaki Valley!!

by WinterChocolatt Dec 03, 2009

Now anyone who's finished Okami wuld know this. There is a rainbow that connects the Kutone sword pedestal shrine to the Ark of Yamato. Tho little did any1 else know... There is another. Do you remember of it Maybe, maybe not. Well, bcuz I luv and absolutely adore Hanasaki Valley so darn much... I waz just strolling around and exploring the place's beauty. I just randomly wanted to look up at the smaller mini-waterfull @ the entrance near the save [Not the massively huge one in the middle of the valley that makes noticeable noise.] but then there I discovered something, it! A elegant rainbow before my very eyes! Like in reality, rainbows only appear during certain times in the day. You have to wait until about noon when the sky is a bright beautiful sky blue before u can see it. If u see it but it's rly hazy/fuzzy, wait 4 sum time and b patient before it gets more solid and noticeable. I wuld doubt seeing one @ night tho, if u no wat I mean! So make sure ur there waiting @ the right time before expecting to see the magnificent and great sight and wonderful accents included in Okami. Another thing as well, to keep in mind. U cannot see it when it's in the afternoon or early evening, when the sun is setting and the sky goes to a red-orange, it'z 2 blurry then. U can't rly make it out. The rainbow was such a marvelous and luvly thing 2 see and made my heart just melt and sank @ such a soothing, calming, and peaceful sight. Anyway, I hope uu were psyched up and excited to witness such a fantastic [ & Colorful, lol. X3 ] view in the many scenes of Okami, ciao!!

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Secret - Oni Island BlockHead Bypass

by QueenofDragons Jan 09, 2013

When u r at the last challenge with the gatekeeper there is another way to get passed the Blockhead. Go in the room with the ledges and on the ledge with the crack use cherry bomb to open it. Then have Ammy double jump and as she is in mid air u go to the brush screen and look for a cherry blossom beyond the hole then draw a line from it to her. Then turn around and u will see a long ledge on the left side of ur screen. Break all the pots on it to get to the other side where the gatekeeper awaits u and start the final challenge. Good luck to all of u at the top of Oni Island!

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Unlockable - Mr. Flower's Scroll-Hiding Treasure!!

by WinterChocolatt Dec 03, 2009

Now keep in mind, I wasn't even thinking when I did this. You no Mr. Flower, when he's sick and terribly ill I had the sick idea [ Yes, I'm so sorry. XO ]of painting a x3 Cherry Bomb trio to see wat wuld of happened 2 him. It exploded, and he flew, and reappeared resting. Altho, if u listened, watched, and paid enough attention... There waz a treasure appearing song played. Also, the scroll and sword pedestal in his house had imploded to reveal... A secret, hidden treasure! Amazing, isn't it! Well, I played the game over 6 times, and found out that this is the single treasure behind a scroll. No, I didn't play with all of the stray beads those next 5 times, plus it wasn't to check the scroll-thing. I just rly luved Okami, and I hope u did 2! [ I no someone on Youtube who played for 11, so admire that person. *o* ] Hope this was exciting 4 u, gdbye!

Mr. Flower's Hidden TreasureVisit Mr. Flower BEFORE u recover him, and paint a cherry bomb in front of the scroll and pedestal in his house.
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Unlockable - Hidden Brush Techniques

by Omikami Aug 07, 2009

How to unlock the hidden Brush Techniques and where they are, hope it's helpful!

Power Slash 2Get this power from Tachigami in the small central island at N. Ryoshima
Power Slash 3On the west side of Lake Laochi, on a ledge midway down the cliff. Look for
Cherry Bomb 2Look for a small island in N. Ryoshima Coast that has a ramp protruding from
Cherry Bomb 3Blow up the boulder next to the Guardian Sapling, then use 2 Cherry Bombs
FountainRewarded for helping the Dragonians restore the swirly-whirly at the Soothing
DelugeEarned by using Waterspout from the pool behind Queen Himiko's palace to
WhirlwindComplete the Fisherman / Umi side quest in N. Ryoshima Coast to learn this
FireburstHelp Yama the chef at Sei-an City and then draw Moegami's symbol (the
Mist WarpGet the Fog Pot from the Emperor at Sei-an City to get the power to warp to
ThunderboltHelp Gen at Sei-an City A. Qtr fix his contraption to get this brush power.(You get the Gimik Gear from Hayazo in Shinshu Field)
SnowflakePaint an X in the air with a vertical or horizontal like straight through it.
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Unlockable - Secret brush techniques

by Unregistered Jun 18, 2009

There are many brush techniques in the game - 13 actually. If you complete the game with those, you might find it hard at some point. There are some secret techniques that can make the gameplay easier. first, I'll list the brush techniques: Rejuvination (River of Heavens), Power Slash(Shrine of Nagi), Sunrise (Kamiki Village), Greensprout: Bloom (Hana Valley), Greensprout: Water Lily (Kamiki Village: Lookout), Cherry Bomb (Shinshu Field: Outside Tama's House), Greensprout: Vine (Tsuta Ruins), Waterspout ( Sasa Sanctuary, Crescent (Agata Forest), Galestorm (Gale Shrine), Inferno (Moon Cave), Veil of Mist (Imperial Palace), Catwalk (Catcall Tower), Thunderstorm (Oni Island), Blizzard (Wawku Shrine). I have listed these brush techniques in the order that you get them, so you have to follow the plot and gameplay and earn them along the way. The Secret techniques are like creating fire in a specific place with the need of real fire, and so on. Veil of Mist's secret technique is described when you buy the Fog Pot. Note that upgrades are not listed. Sorry, but I will not tell you how you get them...sorry...

Secret technique: Waterspout: Fountain (Dragon Palace, lets you use Mermaid Springs for free)To open Mermaid Springs, draw a spiral on the Mermaid Spring and the spring opens up. In my opinion, travelling around Nippon is much easier now.
Secret technique: Waterspout: Deluge (Himiko's Palace after travelling from Oni Island, Lets you create a downfall of rain, douse everything on the screen, and stun large groups of enemies)To create rain, draw to vertical lines from the top. Pressing the X button while drawing could make it easier. The longer the lines, the bigger the downpour.
Secret technique: Whirwind (Umi's Restaurant, summons a windstorm that damages all the enemies on the screen)To Draw a whirlwind, draw 3 horzontal lines. If you can draw Power Slash, then this is just Power Slash x3. Three large lines summon a short but powerful storm, while 3 short lines summon a long but mild storm.
Secret technique: Fireburst (Yama's Restaurant, summons a small sun to burn enemies)To draw a small sun, draw a horizontal 8 shape, like an infinity sign. the bigger the 8, the bigger the sun, but also more ink is used small suns use 3 ink poets, medium suns use 6 ink pots, and suns that cover the whole screen use 9 ink pots.
Secret technique: Mist Warp (Imperial palace after defeating Blight and buying the Fog Pot from the Emperor, allows you to... 

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Cheats - Unlockables

by cGub Sep 20, 2006

How to Unlock
Okami Jukebox Just complete the game once.

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