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One Piece: Grand Adventure Cheats :

This page contains One Piece: Grand Adventure cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 5 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 3 unlockables, 1 glitch. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing One Piece: Grand Adventure on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Versus mode passwords

by megaman34 Jan 05, 2011

These cap-sense codes unlocks the L100 character in VS mode only. Type this code in "enter password" screen.

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Glitch - Removal of Opponent's Supports

by plow Jan 05, 2011

This is for battles where the CPU starts off with multiple support characters helping them. If you open the disc tray/cover as soon as "FIGHT!" appears on screen, you can battle as normal without their supports interfering. When the battle is finished, you need to close the disc tray/cover to let the game resume.

NOTE: This does not cancel permanent effects, environmental changes, or supports that are summoned during the battle.

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Unlockable - Characters

by Ratgirl Jan 05, 2011

Beat Crocodile in Luffy's adventure mode to unlock Buggy and Mr. 0 Crocodile's adventure mode, continue with Luffy's adventure and defeat Eneru to unlock Chaser's adventure mode.

ChaserIn Chaser's adventure mode, get Chaser to Lv. 15 and use him once in battle.
EneruIn Mr. 0 Crocodile's adventure mode, use him once in battle after he joins the crew.
Hawk-Eyes MihawkIn Chaser's adventure mode, use him once in battle after he joins the crew.
KuinaIn Chaser's adventure mode, get Kuina to Lv. 15 and use her once in battle.
Mr. 2 Bon ClayIn Mr. 0 Crocodile's adventure mode, use him once in battle after he joins the crew.
Nico RobinIn Luffy's adventure mode, use her once in battle after she joins the crew.
OhmIn Mr. 0 Crocodile's adventure mode, use him once in battle after he joins the crew.
Portgaz D. TraceIn Buggy's adventure mode, use him once in battle after he joins the crew.
Red-Haired ShanksIn Buggy's adventure mode, use him once in battle after he joins the crew.
Support CharactersIn adventure mode, use a support character in 3 battles, then they can be used by any character in Grand Battle mode.
ZeffIn Chaser's adventure mode, get Zeff to Lv. 15 and use him once in battle.
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Unlockable - Secret Characters (JP)

by vinking Jan 05, 2011

To unlock secret characters, simply go into Fighting Mode or Gamble Mode, and click O on the stilluette of the character you want to unlock. Of course, it is not this simple. You need to gather a number of Berries from Fighting or Gable mode first. The Berries needed are listed here.

Ace200 Million Berries
Ao Kiji250 Million Berries
Crocodile81 Million Berries
Enel150 Million Berries
Franky300 Million Berries
Smoker120 Million Berries
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Unlockable - Unlocking Extra Costumes- Straw Hat Pirates

by li-vic Jan 05, 2011

All Straw Hat characters but Vivi start with their 1P and 5P costumes, and in Robin's case the 4P as well. In general, 4P costumes will be found first, while 2P costumes appear later in the game and are more complicated to get. Any costumes unlocked in Adventure mode will be usable in every other mode.

In unlocking Luffy's 2P costume, make sure not to fight Crocodile until after you have travelled to Jaya and are prompted to finish Crocodile before proceeding, or your game will end at the Crocodile fight.

An easy way to beat Ace(Trace) with Chopper in the Graveyard of Ships is to use Chopper's "Health" attack (Jump+O) non-stop. Beware of rolling bombs.

Chopper 2PObtain the bonus item
Chopper 3PObtain the bonus item
Chopper 4PObtain the bonus item
Luffy 2PObtain the bonus item
Luffy 3PObtain the bonus item
Luffy 4PObtain the bonus item
Nami 2PObtain the bonus item
Nami 3PObtain the bonus item
Nami 4PObtain the bonus item
Robin 2PObtain the bonus item
Robin 3PObtain the bonus item
Sani 2PObtain the bonus item
Sanji 3PObtain the bonus item
Sanji 4PObtain the bonus item
Usopp 2PObtain the bonus item
Usopp 3PObtain the bonus item
Usopp 4PObtain the bonus item
Zolo 2PObtain the bonus item
Zolo 3PObtain the bonus item
Zolo 4PObtain the bonus item
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One Piece: Grand Adventure Cheats


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