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oct 27, 2007Ratchet and Clank [ PS2 ]   Submitted

how do you get the gold bolt on blackwater city thats behind the lasers with the broken button?

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Glitch - Walkin' In The Hoverboard Race In Planet Rilgar:

You'll Need The Hologuise.

First,Go To The Area Where The Race Is.

Next,Use The Hologuise.

Then,Talk To The Girl.

And Then,Enter The Race.

For A Second,You'll Be On A Hoverboard But You'll Get Off.

Finally,You Can Walk!But The Camera Is Pretty Crappy.

More Glitches?Go And Get To A Bolt Box.Break It And Get The Money.Then, Turn Away From Where The Box Was.Turn Back.The Boxes Come Back!This Is 4 Those Of U Who Need R.Y.N.O.



Secret - Gold bolt on black water city:

First get on to the sewer lide then when your in the air use the helley pack to land on the small blatform then carefuley make your way to the area and jump in