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Resident Evil 4 Cheats :

This page contains Resident Evil 4 cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 31 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 8 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 16 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Resident Evil 4 on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Harder Difficulty

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

After beating the game the first time, when starting a new game or playing a Round Two game, a new option appears that allows for Leon and Ashley to wear special costumes. Leon wears an R.P.D. uniform, Ashley wears pop sensation clothes, and Ada wears her black outfit from her mini-game.

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Cheats - More Money

by *Cookie* Jul 19, 2006

Ever noticed how there is wathces and rare expensive stuff near wells (are on top of). To get 10x more the amount of the shoot the wooden beam near the well THEN shoot the object.

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Unlockable - PRL 412

by jap555 Apr 29, 2009

Clear Leon's Story on Professional difficulty to unlock the PRL 412 weapon. It has two settings -- stun and kill (just like Star Trek) which you may determine by holding or tapping the fire button. It has infinite ammunition.

Thompson GunTo unlock the Thompson Submachinegun, clear Leon's story mode (any difficulty) and complete Ada's story mode (Separate Ways). Purchase it from the Roma merchant when playing a new game plus. Ada can also have the weapon available for her own side-story mission (Assignment Ada) simply simply clearing that particular mode once. Again, speak with the Roma merchant to access it.
MariaYou must get 3000 or more points in Game D.
PRL 412Clear Leon's Story on Professional difficulty to unlock the PRL 412 weapon. It has two settings -- stun and kill (just like Star Trek) which you may determine by holding or tapping the fire button. It has infinite ammunition.
HandcannonTo unlock the Handcannon, finish The Mercenaries with a 5 star rating on all stages with all charaters.
Chicago TypewriterBeat Assignment Ada to unlock the Chicago Typewriter. It has infinite ammo and can be purchased the Merchant.
Costumes And ModesClear the main game (any difficulty) to unlock: * Professional Difficulty * Mercenaries Challenge * Separate Ways mini-campaign * Assignment Ada mini-campaign * Alternate costumes for Leon, Ashley, and Ada Wong
PS2 CostumesClear the Separate Ways mode to unlock more costumes for Leon and Ashley.
Exclusive Weapon PowersEach weapon has a special "exclusive power" when all of its stats are custom tuned to the maximum: HANDGUN- 5 times more of a chance of critacal head shot PUNISHER- Each bullet can penetrate up to five bodies. RED 9- Increases firepower to 6.5 BLACKTRAIL- Increases firepower to 3.4 MATILDA- Increases magazine capacity to 100. SHOTGUN- Increases the effective damage range of the gun. RIOTGUN- Increases firepower to 10.0 and 8.0 at long range STRIKER- Increases magazine capacity to 100. RIFLE- Increases firepower to 30.0 SEMIAUTO RIFLE- Decreases firing speed to 0.42 seconds. BROKEN BUTTERFLY- Increases damage to 50.0 KILLER7- No exclusive power! TMP- Increases firepower to 1.8 Minethrower - Adds homing ability to mines
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Secret - Broken Butterfly in castle

by Madd_dogg Apr 03, 2009

When you are in the area where you are just about see the intermission sequence with Luis dying, there will be a door that lets you know that you will need another person for it. After you get Ashley back, return to this door. Give Ashley a piggyback and she will open the door. Inside will be a lot of treasure, and the powerful Broken Butterfly. You do not have to buy it from the merchant or sell it for money. Additionally, the strongest Magnum is not the Killer 7. When you tune up and buy the exclusive option of the Broken Butterfly its power will increase to 50.0, far stronger than the Killer 7's 35.0. You can kill a Boss in four shots.

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Easter Egg - More Eastern Eggs

by Madd_dogg Jun 02, 2009

*Hat trick and strike a pose

This can only be done if Leon is wearing the "mafia" outfit and has the Chicago Typewriter equiped. Hold R1 to take aim and then press square. Doing so will cause Leon to remove his hat, adjust it, and then place it back on his head. Continue to do this. On the 4th time Leon will remove the hat, toss it in the air, catch it, and then stike a pose.

*Heavy Ashley

When you unlock the knight costume for Ashley, not only will she be too heavy to be hurt and picked up by ganados, but will even give Leon the pains. Whenever you need to catch her after jumping down, Leon will go down on a knee while catching the heavy Ashley, then hold his back in pain.

*Perverted Leon

When you climb up a ladder with ashley, wait until she comes up and then jump back down. You will then need to catch Ashley, instead of doing that, aim your crosshair until ashley's skirt and she'll cover it up and then she'll call you a pervert.

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Easter Egg - Hat trick

by tanay Aug 15, 2008

This can only be done if Leon is wearing the "mafia" outfit and has the Chicago Typewriter equiped. Hold R1 to take aim and then press square. Doing so will cause Leon to remove his hat, adjust it, and then place it back on his head. Continue to do this. On the 4th time Leon will remove the hat, toss it in the air, catch it, and then stike a pose.

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Glitch - Bitoriz Mendez boss battle glitch

by tanay Aug 15, 2008

In the boss battle with Bitoriz Mendez there are two levels bottom floor and top floor. Start off by going straight to the ladder. Climb it and go to the left. There are some boards that are blocking the way of the middle of the place you are fighting. Get behind these boards and look down, now while Mendez is in his first form he will just be walking looking up and walking at you but hes walking towards the wall. Now if you would like to finish him off quickly just shoot him with the shotgun or rifle. If you want to conserve ammo just use your pistol. Now in Mendezes second form its a bit more tricky but its possible. Make sure that Mendez is on your left of the boards and your in the right corner and if positioned right he will extend his claw and try to hit you but fail and he will continue to do this like a glitch. Same as the other way if you would like to finish him off quickly then shoot shotgun shells or rifle at him. Or to conserve ammo just finish him off with your handgun. Get your reward when your done.

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Secret - Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough Part 2: The Village

by darkessphoenix9999 Apr 02, 2010

Okay, part 2. Okay you killed the 2 guys. go through the bridge and 3 guys are on top of a cliff. Don't mind about them, they won't do anything. Just walk and see another house. Look through the window to see a Ganado and shoot him from there. Then when he runs out shoot him in the legs, kick him then knife him on the ground. Take the stuff in the house and enter the gate. You'll in the trail of the village. There are 2 options to beat the village. Option 1 gives more money but harder fight and Option 2 gives easier fight, but less money. Unfortunately I'll post both. Option #1: Go IN the village and go the house nearest to the tower. A cutscene appears. After go behind the stairs, knife the boxes as fast as you can, then go upstairs, take the shotgun, knife the glass and take a grenade then take the shotgun shells on the bed. Knock down the ladder and jump down, then RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO THE GATE OF THE VILLAGE! Turn around and there will be villagers and a chainsaw dude. Use the handgun on the villagers and when the chainsaw dude appears, shoot him in the face to make him fall back(if that doesn't work then shoot the legs). Repeat until chainsaw dude is dead AND another cutscene of the church bell ringing appears. Option #2: Go into the village and let the ganados see you then run to the gate and funnel them from there and keep killing until a cutscene of the church bell ringing appears. That's part 2.

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Unlockable - Game unnlockables

by gotenksz Sep 14, 2009

Most of t his cheats are unlocked after beating the game.and beating the separate ways game once.then take that current item from the merchant

handcannon <main game>get 5 stars on every area in mercenaries mode
chicago typewrriterbeat seperate ways once
PRL-412Beat the game in proffesional difficulty once.and take it in the merchant once at the round 2
proffesional difficultybeat the game in any difficulty once
infinite launcherbeat the game once
mathilda gunbeat the seperate ways once
leon's gangster costume and ashley's night costumebeat the separate ways once
seperate ways mini gamebeat the game once
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Secret - Easy win 1-1

by Unregistered Feb 03, 2009

when you start going to the village free the dog he helps later. step away from wire bombs and shoot them. go to the village if you want cash go to the shotgun house and fight dr.salvador(chainsaw freak)and kill him for money. for less cash but an easier way just stay until ada rings the bell get the shotgun and other items. for more help go to q&a and ask for a walkthrough for other chapters. if you have the prl 412 dont ask it is too easy.

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Code - How to kill all the zomie dogs

by fireflame6318 Jun 30, 2011

ok when u start the round where knights come to life and try to kill u with an axe they r holding.So watch out for them whenever u see them press x to dodge them.About the zombie dogs on the level with the live knights when u go outside in the garden u should see a big bridge in front of u.When u reach the bridge u turn right look left and youll see like 3 to 4 zombie dogs but dont go aroud the courner before u get out ur pistol. Then u round the courner with ur pistol and get out some flash grenades.The zombie dogs should be running up to u really fast so u should hit them with four flash grenades.Then the zombie dogs hav little alien bodies inside of the normal zombie dogs.And when u kill the bodies of the zombie u hav to kill the little aliens that were inside the bodies.Take out ur shotgun and shoot the little aliens.And then u should b allowed to cross without getting killed.

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Code - Easy way to get through where the 2 cop guys are burning

by 6dark87 Jun 07, 2011

Run into the middle of the village, shoot some of the los plasga hosts(the people) then run into the house to the left of the fire with the cops in it, a movie will show with some chainsaw wielders, run up the stairs get the shotgun then go through the window and run around till you get to the end and shoot them as they come around the corner and pick up ammo(ammo glows red) when you think it is safe enough then return to your spot and keep shooting if you start getting overwhelmed then turn around and jump down and run inside the house across from where you are and push the dresser up to the door go ahead and break the lock on the metal door in the back incase you have to run in that room and shoot them when they break the door and start coming in.

I hope this helps. If you are like me and have infinite rocket launcher and so forth then you won't have to worry :P

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Secret - Resident Evil 4 walkthrough

by darkessphoenix9999 Apr 01, 2010

Okay you watched the cutscene and started the game. Now shoot the crows for money! But stay in a reasonable distance so the shots won't scare them away. One of them has a spinel. Anyway... walk towards the house then a cutscene appears. Go into the house and another cutscene appears. After shoot him in the face and kick him then knife him while he's on the ground. After you kill him a cutscene appears along with 3 more ganados. Go upstairs and grab the handgun ammo and I recommend NOT jumping the upstairs window but going BACK downstairs and jump through the window near the door.Then turn to your left and aim to get ready shoot the three ganados. Kill them then take whatever they drop. Going to the bridge to check is optional, but a waste of time. Go up the trail and enter the house then take the handgun ammo and knife the boxes and take the things in there. After go out the house and turn right then you will see 2 crows. Like before, stay a far distance from them then shoot so they won't hear the gunshot. If I'm correct, one of them has a hand grenade. Isn't that bad-ass Anyway walk forward and HELP THE DOG. DON'T IGNORE IT OR KILL IT HELP IT! The reason why is because it will help you on your first El Gigante battle by distracting him. How does he distracts him He woof woof at him. Okay you helped him then go into the path but watch out for the bear traps and bombs.To NOT waste your ammo on them is to go between the tree in the right of the bombs. Go through it and then run up then hear a ganado shout at you. While he does that TURN around and go in between the tree AGAIN and make sure he goes through the trip-mine/bomb. He will die and take his stuff. Continue the path then go into the house, take the ammo and knife the box and take whatever it has and get out. Then when you walk to the bridge 2 ganados will be there. Shoot one on the feet to trip him so you can focus on the other one. Kill the one running at you as fast as you can then shoot the guy on the ground at the head to do a HEAD SHOT!

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Glitch - Wacky Botl Action Rifle

by Unregistered Dec 21, 2009

First, do the ditman glitch, and equip a Bolt-Action Rifle (Buy, if you dont have it yet)then Fire/Reload the Rifle, It Will Spin like CrazY!!! if this isnt clear, check you tube and search "Re4: Slippery Rifle"

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Secret - How to beat El Lago(1st Boss, big worm)

by ps2knowitall Dec 08, 2009

Well, when you are on a boat a giant serpent will attack you. If he grabs the boat, Leon will have to swim. Press X to swim.After steering around a few tree trunks, press R1 to raise the harpoon. then drive it into El Lago's back.When he dives under the water, steer the boat left or right to spoint where he submerged.This will allow you to avoid getting killed.Sometimes he comes at you with his mouth open. Pay attention to the red arows to see where he is. Shoot the harpoon into his mouth rather than his back when this happens.Repeat the strategie told until he decides to flee. Unfortunately, a rope wraps around his leg. Press X to escape. After that, you are done with him.

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Secret - How to beat El Gigante(battle 1)

by ps2knowitall Dec 07, 2009

If you saved the wolf in the first area of the game, the faithful friend reappears and barks to distract him. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. While the wolf barks, shoot him in the back or in the side.Try to keep the giant from destroying the shacks in the south part of the area, so that you can enter them safely and obtain items after battle. If you try to enter them during battle, he will smash them and really hurt Leon.If the dog leads him and smashes them beafore you get a chance to finish battle, gpause and select retry.Use a flsh grenade to stun him, and then shoot it rapidly with a handgun or TMP. If you're out of flash grenades, step away from his feet as they approach. When it stops to attack, back away to get out of harm's way and then shoot the giant as rapidly as possible. When a certain amount of damage is done to it's "outer shell", the creature doubles over in pain and the parasite emerges. Run up to it and press X to climb onto it's back. Rapidly tap X or O, whichever is displayed. After doing this 3-4 times, he will die. Then he drops Gold Bars equal to 15,000 pesestas. Watch out for him as he lowers his shoulders and charges, rolls a boulder at Leon, or rips a tree out if the ground and swings it. Press the dodge buttons displayed onscreen to avoid these attacks. If he swings a fist at Leon, shake the left analog stick to dodge it.

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Secret - How to beat Krauser

by ps2knowitall Dec 04, 2009

At the start, you will have to dodge buttons to leap over the initial platform. The boss is easier to kill with a Magnum Handgun. As he approaches, shoot him in the knees. Then he will drop and his head will be exposed. Shoot his head. Then repeat this strategie of attack.When he gets too close to attack, press dodge buttons. Raise your knife and slash him to defend yourself. keep shooting him in the knee, then the head until he dies.

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Secret - How to beat Saddler

by ps2knowitall Dec 04, 2009

To beat him, shoot the small leg to make him collapse. The eyeball is easier to hit with a shotgun. When his head falls, it exposes the large eye in its mouth. Run up to the head and press X to climb it.Leon will do an attack and when it is done, he leaps off of it. Turn and run away. Then do the same again. Each of the front leg eyeballs can be shot and each of the back ones can be shot to cripple him.When shot once or twice it will permanantly close.Once all leg eyes have been shut,your only target is the main eyeball on the head.Or, you can use exploding barrels and swinging cranes to damage him. Move to the northwest end or southwest end of the area and climb onto the raised platform.Press X to grab the switch and look behind. When Saddler comes within 10 feet of the platform, pull the lever to swing girders into him.Then he will collapse so that another climb attack can be preformed.The area consists of the sqare area near the elevator, and then two strips. Between the strips are bridges that continuously collapse and raise in time cycles. If the bridge is collapsedyou cannot cross the strip.A kind of traffic light indicates when the bridge will fall. If you are crossing it when the light starts to blink, be ready to press the two dodge buttons shown onscreen to leap across to grab the opposite ledge. If Leon is close enough to the other strip, he just might make it.Rapidly press X to get back on the ledge.Saddler attacks by seizing Leon into his eye mouth and slamming him into the ground.Saddlers tail is made out of sharp tentacles that can slash Leon up pretty good. Stay back from the creature at all times to avoid these attacks.When Leon has a different strip than Saddler, the monster attacks by hurling a beam across the chasm. Press R1 and L1 to dodge the flying beam when needed. Roughly half way through the battle, Ada tosses a Special Rocket Launcher onto the western strip of the platform.Afterclosing all of his leg eyes and striking him with one stack of girdirs, pick up the weapon, equip it,and lead Saddler towards the last stack of girdirs Leon can swing. After the monsters head is revealed,fire the red rocket at the target spot to end the battle. The amount of pesetas depends on how many eys were damaged during battle.

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Secret - How to beat Death Portrait

by ps2knowitall Dec 04, 2009

Push switch 1. Push switch 3. Push switch 2. Push switch 4, then choose okay or quit to solve the puzzle.

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Secret - Beat the Uniting The Colors puzzle(color puzzle)

by ps2knowitall Dec 04, 2009

Examine the panel with the 3 colored lights located on the balcony. The 3 colored patterns ajusted to form the pattern in the cneter insignia. Rotate the Red lens twice, the Green lens 3 times, and the Blue lens once. Then choose the "combine" option to mix the colors and form the central insignia. The bars surrounding Ashley Graham's holding cell rise

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Secret - How to beat the sliding tablet puzzle

by ps2knowitall Dec 02, 2009

In this one room, you will see a big box thingy. So here is how to solve it. Move the right center tile inward to the center. Move the upper right tile down. Move the center tile right. Move the center tile up. Move the left center tile inward to the center. Move the lower left tile up. Move the bottom center tile left.Move the right center tile down.
Move the center tile right. Move the top center tile down. Move the top left tile right. Move the left center tile up.Move the left bottom tile up.Move the bottom center tile left.Move the center tile down.Move the right center tile to the center. Move the bottom rihgt tile upward. Insert the stone tablet.

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Secret - In chruch

by yousuf Mar 11, 2009

when you in churuch if you are havin any problen to solve puzzle in the chruch you have to make a scorpion you see that every colour has something on its top taht spin when you spin the colours put these thin in that order first put red down green left blue right

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Secret - Puzzles

by krauser123 Sep 06, 2008

Theese are the puzzles:

Chapter 1-2

The large crystal ball: Up, Left

Chapter 1-3 (Separate Ways/ Leon's Story)

3 familly of the dead ringers: 3333333444443

Chapter 2-1

At the church: Red:down Green:LEFT Blue: Right

Chapter 3-4

At the castle with Ashley:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

the puzzle is: 4,7,8,9,6,3,2,1,7,9

Chapter 3-?

At the gallery room, the six sacrifice: 4,3,2,1

Chapter 5-1


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Secret - Easy salasr kill

by Unregistered Mar 10, 2008

ok to kill salasr really fast youll have to buy or find a rocket lancher.then when his head shows in the monster thing blast em.then hell die.but before go on the bottom floor and take all the ammo and hrebs.good luck

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Unlockable - SUPER SWEET GUNS!!!

by ps2knowitall Dec 04, 2009

Well, thyis post will tell you all about secret guns and how to get them.

HandcannonClear the Mercenaries mini-game with all 5 characters scoring 60,000 points or more to acheive an S rank with each.
MatildaAfter beating the game, buy it from a merchant on any level.
Infinite Rocket LauncherAfter beating the game, buy it from a merchant on any level.
P.R.L. 412I think you buy it from a merchant on any level after beating the game.
Thompson(Chicago Typewriter)Buy it from a merchant after beating the game and Seperate Ways with Ada Wong
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