Rugby League 2 (World Cup Edition) Review

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Rugby League 2 (World Cup Edition) Review :

Rugby League

by ckjkj Dec 10, 2010

Rugby League 2 the Word Cup Edition was the best rugby league game to date. It featured and all new world cup mode where you can playas your country and try to to win the cup .Also gave you the option to simulate games so you don't have to play every game in the comp. But the game has its bad, glitches in the game play like stopping time for no reason or walking through the players. On the good side, you can play every A-Grade team in the world and even make your own teams and players ! You can also play multiplayer so you can battle it out with your friends! Another new feature is that you can now do franchise mode! allowing you to buy/terminate players contract's, and organize the training sessions so your pretty much the coach of your very own team!

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10Story line
You are a team trying to win the world cup, NRL or Super League. You can create your own teams and players to male it easier. And you also have franchise mode which means you can be the coach of your very own team!
The graphics in game look like the players do in real life, and the stadiums and grounds look so realistic that i feels like you at the stadium while playing
With the sound you can hear the tackles and you also have commentary to keep you entertained throughot the match!
In the game play you play rugby league as it is. Your objective is to score as many points as you through trys, penalty kicks, conversions and field goals
10Lasting Appeal
The game is fantastic allowing you to change the match time, create players and teams and play the game itself, truely is a great game
(Out of 10)


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