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Shadow Of The Colossus Review :

shadow of the colossus

by yoshi114 Oct 24, 2011

well now, you ask yourself, "What is This Game? and what is it about?" well.. this game is amazing for starters, with some of the best music for a game, and also gorgeous scenery, and an enormous unexplored land for you to... explore. the main goal of this game is to kill 16 humounges beings known as colosi (Hence the Name) to restore life to your girlfriend, who is believed to have a cursed future.( this is the prequel game to Ico) and lets get something straight, This game is Hard! your main goal when encountering a colosus is how your going to get onto it! which takes a while for some of them. and your also in a deal with a wierd light known as Dormin who tells you if you can kill all of them he will restore life to your friend. and Also! the ending is so...Heartbraking...and unfortunate, but im not going to tell you. well overall i think all fans of adventure games with a Ps2 should get this game, it really is great! Go BUY it! :)

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9Story line
very abstract, the main character is going thru so much for too little, having to kill 16 wonderful works of art, known as the Colosi, just to save his ill-futured girlfreind,
well, the graphics were some of the best ive seen for this platform,however it was the scenery that totally got me.
the music was, unspeakabley amazing, arguably the best part of the game, but i think they coud have made it a little louder.
the gameplay was similar to The legend of Zelda, yet with a tottaly different approach to the story, having the only enemies in the game being colosi, and some wierd black lizards running about.
10Lasting Appeal
this game definatly made an impact on me, ill never forget that last stab at that extremely big final boss, i went thru blood, sweat and tears just to reach the top of him...
(Out of 10)


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sdan12    wrote on nov 12, 2011 7:53 am
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sdan12    wrote on nov 12, 2011 7:53 am


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