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Sonic Heroes Review :

Just Another Good Sonic Game!

by sdan12 Aug 02, 2011

This game is unlike any other Sonic game. In this game, there are four teams. Team Sonic: Sonic Knuckles and Tails, Team Dark: Rouge, Shadow, and Omega, Team Rose: Amy, Cream, and Big, and the last team, Team Chaotix: Espio, Vector, and Charmy. You can play as all of these teams anytime you want. For example: you can play Team Sonic for an hour and then Team Dark the next. And you can play as any of the characters on each of these teams! And they each have their own level of difficulty. The easiest would probably be Team Rose. This team explains what a certain move or item it is. Team Rose is definitely the team for beginners. But the teams is what makes this game so unique. And no matter what you'll love any Sonic game you play. But this is definitely one of the unique ones.

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10Story line
The storyline is diffrent for each individual team. There are four diffrent teams: Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix. For example: Team Sonic is about Sonic getting a letter from Dr.Eggman saying in three days he'll take over the world.
The graphics aren't that great. But at least all the characters look like themselves! The graphics definetly aren't horrible but they aren't exactly amazing.
The sound doesn't really do anything for you. You can't really hear the characters talk but other than that the sound isn't that bad.
The gameply is really good. Each charater you play as isn't that hard to play. And each of the Teams has their own level diffuculty to them. I reccomend Team Rose to beginners because they explain all the controls. And sometimes you will get stuck in places.
10Lasting Appeal
Just like any other Sonic game, it never fails to impress me. Whether it's the storyline or the graphics. The best part of the game always outshines worst part. In this case I love the storyline but I don't like the gameplay. But, like always, this Sonic game is awesome just like all the others.
(Out of 10)


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