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Spider-Man Review :

a exciting game

by ziko Sep 27, 2010

This game is a game that has many cool stuff such as exiting missions and the story mode also fits well with everything else . And you get really good rewards fast in this game which means most of the time you are satisfied with it. The graphics are actually not all that bad for a game like this on but when you die thats when the graphics are starting to get messed up. The gameplay is nice as expected by many fans and people but the genuine stuff is hard to find of course. Then the sound which is good up to a certain part in a mission mission number 89 so that is something to beware. And after the story mode is over you get secret missions after that in post mode so here is the rest of the review.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
The story line is horrifing due to how long it is so it can be really scary so i say beware for this one.
The graphics are good execpt for the dieing part so basiclly it is good really good over all good that it is good
Th sound is good at all points of view so this is actually the best part of this game so good work guys.
The gameplay is good but hard anyway no much to say on this part but i just have to say it is good really.
10Lasting Appeal
All and all a really good game and i also wanna sya if you wanna comment my reviews put your thoughts on my chat box at the bottom thanks.
(Out of 10)


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