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Star Ocean: The Second Story Cheats :

This page contains Star Ocean: The Second Story cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 1 glitch, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Star Ocean: The Second Story on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

StAr Ocean The second Story:Secret Facts

by Unregistered Jun 18, 2013

Hey guys this is Another Cheat of Mine i have posted more than 9 other Cheats!

Here are some Secret facts Between the game and the anime

-Ernest was not a bad guy in the anime in the game he got possesed by a Ghost.

-Opera could not do all of her killer moves in the anime

-If you have noticed in the game and in the anime the part 'Save the Chirldren in Mars' Dias gone by his own and Rena did not go with him.But in the game She did go with him.

-There was not a Town Called 'Click' in the anime.

-Herlie is that Harbor town (Forgot its name) and Linga the same time in the Anime.

-In the game you could not cure that girl 'Ellanor' in the harbor town

-Celine had diffrent names for one spell Fire of light=Ray

-Rena could not do all of her moves only healing.

-Claude's Dad did die in the game but in the anime he left Expel with his crew.

-Claude And Rena did Kissed togheter in the game but the creators of the anime maked that part missing.

Here Were my Secret facts!

I send some more another time.


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StAr Ocean the Second Story:Rear Misses!

by Rubencheathanger Jul 09, 2013

Did you Realize that when you try to attack those purple dark-haired witches that your basic attacks always misses?'Those are weak but have the ability to make them more Misscats.

You need to cast spells like "Star Flare 'Lunar light' or 'Explode' to make sure it hits her.

Hope helped!


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AlL 10 wise men Summarys and characters and moves

by Rubencheathanger May 07, 2013

Hi guys this is another secret but actually this is a Entire summary of the baddest guys of the entire game:The ten wise men.

Here are they form begin to end


Moves:Meta guard basic slash and the heavy slash

Best way to beat him:Use killer moves and spells to Easley take him down.


Moves:Crully crushes Meteor slash and Heavy slash

Best way to beat him:You must stuck him against the wall to beat him down


Moves:Infragment Flame blades and basic hits

Best way:Use many spells to let your killer moves users attack him Easly.

Nicholas Ruprect and another one forgot his name.

They all use magic moves so be carefull

Best way:none us your inmagination!

Decus and vesper

These two are like hell be aware that Decus the one with the flame head uses spicule to kill your characters instantly.

Best way:First kill Decus then vesper

Lucian:Uses magic moves

This boss is not easy but his spell Wind of Destruction kills your characters with 9999 damage!

Best way:Do with him what you want!


This last boss of the entire game is Crappy like hell he uses the most powerfull moves to kill your characters especially when he uses his daughter Fillia he uses then Divine Comedy and Divine Wave so keep an straight tactik that he uses Spells like Southern cross Earthquake and healing spell Fairy heal so.Note:When Filia betrays Indalecio he is much stronger than before he will kick the Crap out of your characters head.

Best way:Keep attacking him then he cannot use his spells

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SeCret Moves in the Cave of trials!

by Rubencheathanger May 07, 2013

Hi guys here is the 8th Secret of mine so thumbs up if it works!

Have you guys ever visited the cave of trials (the Secret Dungeon where you could not enter earlier without a synard) there are secret moves only for 3 characters:Leon Celine and Ashton.

Here are the moves that can be found and who can learn them and what they do

Tri Ace:Ashton-Dragons Goro and ururun will get in the sword will be one powerful sword and leave a flash of blue light destroys all enemies.

Meteor Swarm:Celine-Summons large meteors to Expel or nede and will land on the battlefield all enemies will be tuntwacked to death.

Extinction:Leon-When casting this will summon large orbs and yellow flash will destroy the entire battlefield (not entire but the enemies shall be heavily damaged to the endless pain of torture.

That is the secret hope you find it and almost forgot you can find the moves on down the Sealed coffin or search an movie about it on YouTube.


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CoMbining Spells and Killer moves

by Rubencheathanger May 07, 2013

Hi again this is my 7th cheat of SO2 so thumbs up please!

Spells Combining

Have you guys ever mentioned that if 2 of your magic users casts a spell exactly the same time you have an combo spell the heavier the spells they use the more damage!

Killer Moves combining

There is also this with killer moves when two sword users attack the monster rapidly the monster will get splitted damage so the monster or though enemy will be killed quickly i used this trick to kill Indalecio in 2 minutes so use this trick on though enemies!

Alright Guys this was it and i hope you will thumbs up this Secret trick.

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StAr ocean the second story Secret:Claude's Secret

by Rubencheathanger Mar 27, 2013

Look Claude's Head splitter comes sometimes in handy because when enemys cast some spells while Claude is in the Air the spell won't hit him!

Here are the Spells im talking about

Tractor beam


Extincion (Im not sure please React when this spell does hurt him)

Those are the only spells that does not hurt Claude when he is in the air. Other Characters can too jump in the air so the spell does'nt hurt him.

Use only Characters like Dias or Ashton to avoid this attack.

Note:Dias and Ashton can jump high in the air so you need luck that the don't thouch the ground.

That Is the secret help of this killer move!

I send some more later!'


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StAr ocean the second story Secret Store

by Rubencheathanger Mar 18, 2013

Hi folks i show you another secret of star ocean the second story.

(I posted some more so read them too)

When you are in Nede and aquired the Synard go to the snowy islands.

Note:Go to the little snowy islands one of them is shaped like a Crystal land your synard on of of the islands and go to the sharpest point.

If you do those tricks you arrived at the Fake gallery 'Secret Charity' here you can buy powerful equipment and the best costumizing tool 'Magical Rasp' with this you can costumize better weapons.

Note:Use the equipments: Mithril Mesh Mithril Shield And Mithril helm and the Wizard helm and the Rune Buckler to defeat the Guardian at the 'Field of Power'.

This completes the Secret.

I post some more later right?

Form Rubencheathanger

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SeCret evil Angel

by Rubencheathanger Jan 18, 2013

For the one's who made it to the final level of the cave of trials:There is a secret angel waiting behind the red door.First you need to find the 2 switches and the door will open.Note that this level is very hard with those wizards using Extinction on your characters so make sure you have plenty of food and resurrection bottles and black or blue berries with you.Her name is Iselia she is not easy but not hard either here is some combat advice

-Never use killer moves on her if you do so red circels appear in front and will kill or damage your characters.

-Use the attack vial to break trough her defence if you do not have the attack vial use only basic attacks to not let those red circels appear.

If you manage to beat her she will give you the silver trumpet that aquires a ghost of her be warned this boss of her is stronger than the original boss of her so get prepared for the full powerful attacks and spells of her.

You will also aquire a angel armband wich is stored in a treasure chest it makes star come out of the weapons your fighters use.

Thanks for reading

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Star Ocean: The Second Story Cheats


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